Caitlyn Jenner Files Cosmetics Trademark For Skin Line


There’s a number of reasons why both Bruce Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner have been in the limelight the past year. Bruce’s transition become the now Caitlyn Jenner has sparked a lot of controversy. Turns out she’s taking her current fame and fortune to new heights and is even following in the footsteps of her uber successful daughter Kylie. That’s right, Caitlyn Jenner is getting into the skin care business.

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Caitlyn Jenner To Launch Cosmetics And Skin Care Line

According to a recent update done by the famous TMZ, Caitlyn Jenner recently filed for a trademark under her name in order to promote some cosmetics and skin care products. She’s not leaving it just at that, though. Turns out she might be trying to go after every single type of product in the skin and beauty business. She’s filed for fragrances, nail polish, skin care, makeup remover and other types of products.

Apparently she doesn’t necessarily have any specific plans as of yet but wanted to waste no time in securing the trademark before someone gets their paws on it before her. I’m assuming that the success that Kylie’s had with all her products in the industry are one of the reasons she’s decided to make the jump. Smart move on her part I guess and we’ll see what happens with it all.

Could we soon see a shift in the transgender customers that currently use products to choose Caitlyn Jenner and her brand over their existing products? Only time will tell. It will be interesting watching this plan unfold. Something tells me his daughter Kylie might have some skin in the game here or she has something to do with it heavily. We shall see!

I guess for now, those that are looking forward to using whatever product Caitlyn may create will have to stick to skin care products and cosmetic lines that already exist. Who’s to say when all this is going to really unfold! After all, creating a line is not a simple process and it’s bound to take some time.

Caitlyn Jenner Files Cosmetics Trademark For Skin Line
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