Bye Bye Foundation Reviews – Is This A Good Product?

bye-bye-foundationIn the highly competitive market of cosmetics, IT Cosmetics have released a new facial product promising big results. Their latest creation is called Bye Bye Foundation, which is said to deliver not only all the effects of a top grade foundation product, completely covering up marks and blemishes, but at the same time also providing moisture to the skin as well as protection from the sun up to SPF 50+. As if this wasn’t enough, the folks at IT Cosmetics also state that the Bye Bye Foundation product also actually causes improvements in your skin with each application – improvements that will actually be visible with the naked eye once the cream has been washed off.

What Exactly Is Bye Bye Foundation?

Bye Bye Foundation is actually a moisturizer designed to cover the entire face. IT Cosmetics state that with using this product you will no longer need to use foundation cream, therefore, you can say bye-bye to them forever!

For the creation of this product, IT Cosmetics teamed up with plastic surgeons to get to grips with what will actually cause long-lasting improvements to the skin’s surface when using their product. As such, this unique little moisturizer helps you to cover troublesome skin issues such as acne breakouts, darkened areas, enlarged pores, blemishes, redness and even wrinkles.

One thing we especially like about this product is that it also provides strong sun protection for your skin so you won’t have to worry about ruining your makeup in order to stay protected in the hot weather.

Special Features of Bye Bye Foundation

Besides IT Cosmetics consulting with cosmetic surgeons for the making of this product, it has also been specially formulated with several key components. As such, Bye Bye Foundation has been developed using the 3D Skin Flex™ Technology, which enables your skin to become hydrated and moisturized at the same time as covering up any unwanted marks on your skin’s surface. The product is able to do this by providing a flexible and adaptable coat that glides over lines, wrinkles and blemishes without drying out, cracking or creasing up with the movement of your face.

IT Cosmetics have also ensured that Bye Bye Foundation is suitable for all skin types. This is made so by the inclusion of seven fundamental ingredients, which help to boost absorption and adaptability to your face. For a full list of the ingredients, see IT Cosmetics’ official website, here.

The products also include the use of diamond powder and bioluminescence which help to prevent shine on the skin’s surface, while at the same time lending a healthy glowing radiance to your complexion.

For the remarkable hydrating capabilities of Bye Bye Foundation, the product has also been tested clinically and has been shown to bring about a well-balanced and smooth finish to the skin’s surface while leaving it looking younger, even after the product has been removed from your face.

Top Benefits of Bye Bye Foundation

Since its release on the market, Bye Bye Foundation has received a considerable amount of good reviews from its users. In particular, people are especially enjoying the following features;bye bye foundation product with brush

  • Creates instant coverage of unwanted skin anomalies
  • Has an ‘all-day’ lasting effect
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Protects the skin from sun damage
  • Leaves the skin looking younger after use
  • Quick and easy application

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this product, IT Cosmetics conducted studies to assess the effectiveness of this cream. They concluded that a staggering 96% of people benefited from smoother and softer looking skin while 77% of participants noted that their skin’s pores were less visible. Continuing studies also affirmed that the appearance of wrinkles was also reduced by 85%.

As great as this study sounds, it is important to note that this was indeed a self-study carried out by IT Cosmetics themselves and so far, no other studies have been run on the product. There are also numerous videos on YouTube made by people like you and me, trialing the product, such as the video below.

What Is The Retail Price For Bye Bye Foundation?

If you want to buy Bye Bye Foundation, IT Cosmetics are offering a few different packages to help suit all needs. The 5 piece package retails at $39.95, while the 7 piece package costs $49.95, so this is actually very reasonable. However, it is also important to know that once you order a package, this will be a monthly subscription cost as IT Cosmetics will continue to send you new shipments unless you cancel your order, which you can do so at any time.

What’s Included In The Bye Bye Foundation Packages?

The 5 pack offer includes the following products from IT Cosmetics:

  • Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer 1.08 oz
  • Bye Bye Pores Tinted Skin Blurring Finishing Powder 6.8 g
  • Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver 3.40 mm
  • Bye Bye Concealer Anti-Aging Waterproof Full-Coverage
    Concealing Cream .17 oz
  • Hello Lashes 5-in-1 mascara .33 oz

The 7 pack offer includes:

  • Bye Bye Pores Tinted Skin Blurring Finishing Powder 6.8 g
  • Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver 3.40 mm
  • Bye Bye Concealer Anti-Aging Waterproof Full-Coverage
  • Concealing Cream .17 oz
  • Hello Lashes 5-in-1 mascara .33 oz
  • No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner .50 g
  • Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

With both packages, IT Cosmetics also shops you two free gifts with your first order, which are the Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc .54 oz and the Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush.

Is It Easy To Order?

IT Cosmetics have made it pretty simple and affordable for folks to get their hands on the Bye Bye Foundation product range. When you order you can opt for the Intro-Size, which is just a thirty-day supply with an additional $5.99 for shipping. Alternatively, if you want to go for the Full-Size supply then you will get this with free shipping.

IT Cosmetics want their customers to get the most form their products, so if you opt for the Introductory offer then they will automatically ship you a ninety-day supply one your first thirty days are up. Repeat billing can be controlled by you as you have the option to select to pay $120 once every three months or you can choose to have this split into three payments and just pay monthly.

Do The Products Come With a Guarantee?

Yes, IT Cosmetics are offering a sixty-day full money back guarantee regardless if you even use the product. If for any reason you want to take them up on this then bear in mind that you will need to contact them within the sixty-day period, which commences upon arrival of your first order.

Overall Opinion On Bye Bye Foundation

While Bye Bye Foundation has received many positive reviews from users, it is important to note that they all seem to appear on the IT Cosmetics website and so far, we haven’t found any elsewhere online. Looking into the technological aspects of the product it’s easy to understand how this cream could indeed be effective as it is advertised. However, with only the options of online purchase, it could make it somewhat tricky to ensure that people who want to buy this product choose the correct shade. However, IT Cosmetics have gone to great lengths to ensure that there are shades to match all skin tones and also offer a return and exchange policy if your order is not right for you the first time.

Have you used Bye Bye Foundation yourself? Let us know what you think of this product in the comments below.

Bye Bye Foundation Reviews – Is This A Good Product?
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