Buyer Beware: Teens On Instagram & Risky Skin Tips


Every time you refresh your Instagram feed, millions of accounts acquire followers. In fact, in my humble opinion, I’ll go out on a limb and say that I believe Instagram may be the most widely used social media platform on the planet. With that comes responsibility and unfortunately some users are not being responsible with their posting. Over the last couple of years as Instagram has grown, so have the number of “thread” accounts that exist.

teen instagram skin tips

These thread accounts are nothing more than screenshots and information ripped from other social media platforms. Most of the ripping comes from as it’s the easiest platform to rip and the one which I’d say is least moderated. The problem here with these thread accounts is that millions of teens are posting to them and building up massive follower numbers. Each of the Instagram thread accounts are essentially what I’d consider sites and content hubs of the Internet.

Why are teens flocking to IG and building up these massive accounts? Well, they do it for the money. Some teens are earning thousands on a monthly basis and they’re doing so all because they’re constantly posting content on Instagram.

It all sounds great but there’s one small problem…

Most of the advice is inaccurate and some may say it’s risky or even unsafe/dangerous to a certain extent. You’ll find that many of these teen owned accounts are offering advice on many do it yourself skin care tactics that might lead to danger if done improperly.

Think about it for a second, if you came across an Instagram profile that had hundreds of thousands of followers and they were posting DIY tips for applying apple cider vinegar face masks and the results were good, would you try it? Even if it could lead to burns on your face? Sure you would!

What you don’t realize is that these teens are only posting this information because they’re getting paid to do so. Take for example the Instagram account @skincarethreadsis. The owner is a 16-year-old who as 265,000+ followers on Instagram. The teen running this account has done a stellar job of building up a following, but what you might not realize is that these posts are not all done genuinely. In fact, they are ad revenue driven more so than anything.

Most of these teens will accept PayPal donations in exchange for recommending a DIY hack, an @mention or a specific skin care product and brand.

The main problem I see with all of this is that these accounts are being promoted and used as consumer accounts, not commercial accounts. Therefore, you’ve got consumers interpreting these hacks and product recommendations as being legit and genuine when in fact, it’s just about the money – nothing more.

Some of these skin care, health, and beauty Instagram accounts are promoting unsafe supplements, unsafe skin care treatments, and unsafe product recommendations. They are doing so without having any expertise or knowledge on the subjects. Most of these people are not experts or even knowledgeable on what’s safe and what’s unsafe with regards to these things. That said, your best bet is to take these Instagram posts with a grain of salt. Don’t believe everything you read and understand that most of these niche based accounts are simply in it for the money.

Social media today is a double-edged sword and taking bad advice can sometimes make things much worse. Next time you check out the niche-based generic skin care account and you’re tempted to try one of the treatments or products, just know that someone somewhere is likely kicking themselves for giving it a shot. Be sure to get real advice from a reputable source and not just some teenager posting on social media looking to make a couple of bucks.

Full disclosure, all of our social media posts that we do on Instagram are non-incentivized and not paid. We (meaning don’t plan on accepting payments for shoutouts or mentions any time soon either.

Buyer Beware: Teens On Instagram & Risky Skin Tips
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