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I do quite a bit of traveling these days, all for work too. When I’m not enjoying the sun in South Florida, I’m in Massachusetts. That said, I come prepared and never travel without packing some essentials. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m a “needy” guy that’s high maintenance. Honestly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, I’m not going to sit here and argue with you. Instead, I’m going to drop some knowledge bombs and share a few fun facts about what I pack to keep my skin up to snuff. Assuming you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you need to consider packing the following items before jet setting on your next bliesure trip.

men's travel skin care essentials

Business / Leisure Travel Essentials I Rely On

Like I said, I travel quite a bit. Enough to earn miles for decent status on my preferred airline. That said, I’ve had plenty of practice when it comes to traveling and taking care of your skin. These are two things that I can without a doubt help you with. Pay close attention because bombs are about to be dropped…BOOM!

Okay, so I get a bit silly on humpday but nevertheless, knowing how to pack for a business trip and do so without destroying your skin is rather important. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to packing. I never leave home with the things I’m about to mention below…

The first thing that I’m to share with you is the Kiehl’s Eye Alert under eye serum. It’s an eye serum that I’ve been using for years and I don’t leave home without this. The product comes in a travel-friendly size tube that fits in the front pocket of your pants. If I’m heading straight to a meeting upon my arrival I’ll head to the bathroom on the plane or right as I deplane and within a matter of seconds I look fresh as can be like I just jumped off the cover of GQ Magazine (I’m joking), you get the point.

Next on the list is packing my own cleanser. See, I never use any of those hotel cleansers as they just don’t work out for me. Most of the time they make my skin breakout and even worse, I feel like crap when that happens. It kills my whole mood, which is why I use one of the many cleansers that we’ve reported here. Come prepared or be prepared to fail, that’s what I say!

What about those headphones and your computer as well as your smartphone? Chances are you spend hours using these devices while flying and traveling. That’s exactly why I always pack sanitizers and wipes to clean these devices. All that bacteria eventually ends up on your skin one way or another and if you’re not taking precautions to keep your skin clean and clear, then it will not be. Kiss the closing of that deal goodbye.

This isn’t directly related to my skin but it sort of is, I’m talking about wearing an eye mask. Look, when I travel for business, I require sleep and a full night of it. Some hotels can be awful and not get enough shuteye will destroy your skin and body in general. Trust me, if you want to get a good night’s sleep then pack an eye mask.

Last but not least, I never leave home without my trusty Gillette Mach 3 Razor. I’m old school and it works like a charm so why change anything? Most of the time I can check this without any issues at all. Why do I carry it? Well, shaving daily is a must for me as it helps keep the dead skin cells off my face and the regeneration process moving along.

Oh, I almost forgot a crucial product! I always apply Ultra Facial Cream which contains SPF 30. I wear this before the flight and every single day while traveling. In fact, if I do one thing consistently it’s wearing this face cream. Applying it in the morning does the trick and I go about my day with no questions or concerns about developing skin cancer. This is important and if you think otherwise, then think again!

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Business Travel Essentials For Perfect Skin
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