Bulldog Skincare For Men Sells To Edgewell Personal Care


It seems like skin care companies are being acquired left and right these days. It’s happening in every sector within the market and men’s grooming isn’t off limits in this regard. Recent news has surfaced pertaining to one of Britain’s most famous men’s skin care brand. That’s right, I’m talking about Bulldog Skincare Holdings. The Edgewell Personal Care company has decided to acquire Bulldog Skincare. This will help Edgewell quickly expand.

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For those not familiar with Edgewell Personal Care, it’s a company based out of St.Louis, Missouri. The company was established last year as a result of the split from Energizer Holdings. Edgewell is no slouch when it comes to personal care. In fact, they’re beasts when it comes to tackling this area of the market. With brands like Edge, Schick, Hawaiian Tropic and more, it’s hard to not be looked at as the gorilla in the room.

Based on a recent article published, a statement made by Edgewell Vice President of Commercial International, Colin Hutchison, shows lots of excitement about the acquisition. It seems as though the company is excited about the differentiation, growth and brand building that Bulldog has been able to maintain. They’re looking forward to continuing to make a dent in the men’s grooming market with their recently acquired brand.

As for Bulldog Skincare, the company was built with one thing in mind, products with a purpose, all-natural and just for men. All of the products are formulated with male skin being the main focus and the products are all Cruelty-Free. What does that mean? Well, it means that they don’t use ingredients that come from animal sources and all the products are vegan-friendly. They’ve even been approved by the Vegetarian Society based in the UK.

Bulldog was created in 2005 by Simon Duffy. He spent years developing and researching the product. Fast forward to 2016 and you can find Bulldog Skincare on the shelves of retail stores throughout the UK. Check out their official website for more information on their products.

Is this the last of the acquisitions that we’ll see before the end of the year? It’s really tough to say but given the history of how the year’s shaped, I wouldn’t be surprised if some other undisclosed merger or acquisition takes place before the ball drops in Times Square. For those just enter the

For those just enter the market, it’s tough out there. You’ve got to be ready to go to bat with these personal care giants that have cash flow and a marketing budget that you wouldn’t believe. It’s not impossible to compete with the big players but it’s getting harder to do so as the industry matures. The newcomers biggest hope just might be a miracle ingredient or trend that allows them to set themselves apart from the rest.

Bulldog Skincare For Men Sells To Edgewell Personal Care
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