Brotox: It’s What Middle-Aged Men Do Today


Let’s face it, us guys typically start caring for our skin in a roundabout way. What I mean by that is we typically try something out that our significant others have stored in the medicine cabinet or shower. It’s not rocket science, you leave something lying around and eventually we’re going to give it a try.

However, things might be a little different with regards to professional skin treatments. Us guys are often hesitant to take action. We’ll painfully suffer or punish ourselves when there is zero need to do so. It’s just part of what we do really. Well, scores of “bros” of mine are joining their wives and girlfriends to make one thing a couples experience. You’ll never guess what they’re doing…Okay, you know, they’re getting botox.


“Brotox” Is The New Thing For Men and Couples Are Getting Treatments

Men living in the United States have finally started to realize that using skin products and getting treatments doesn’t make them less masculine. In fact, far as I’m concerned, it’s the smart men that take action today versus waiting until the later years. Many of the men that I know today are even getting botox treatments.

They typically refer to this treatment as “brotox” versus the traditional terminology. Perhaps they use this slang term to make them feel more masculine. Honestly, I haven’t got a clue, but what I do know is that for some, getting this treatment might be the best move that they make all summer.

The typical botox treatment takes roughly 15 minutes and can be done during a daily lunch-break at work. This type of treatment can make you look and feel years younger. Additionally, it’s a huge confidence booster for guys that are single and looking to try their luck in the local dating pool.

Men who are 35 and older are turning to this brotox treatment and they’re even attending couples parties with their significant others. Before it used to be just the girls that would get together and do this treatment, now it’s the guys and girls mixing things up in the name of looking better.

If you’re not familiar with what botox is and what it can do for your skin, then I encourage you to read this page here. It’s a well-known treatment for helping eliminate wrinkles, firm your skin, and plump things up a bit. Overall, the treatment basically adds a little bit of life to your dull and drooping skin.

The brotox treatment seems to be more common in guys that work sales roles or play an executive role or function within corporate America. If you’re wondering how long the treatments last, they are not permanent. The typical treatment lasts a few months. The side effects of getting this treatment are far less invasive and much less risky than a typical surgical procedure. This is another reason why so many men are starting to get brotox treatments.

In my opinion, I think it’s something that everyone should try once if you’re unhappy with the way that you look. Whatever you do, I strongly suggest trying this before you go under the knife for anything more permanent. Looking half a decade younger has never been easier.

Brotox: It’s What Middle-Aged Men Do Today
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