Brandy Norwood Shares Her Skin Care Secrets


Perhaps you were around during the 90’s when singer and actress Brandy Norwood played her popular role on the TV Show called Moesha. Brandy shared her skin care tips with the other day and we decided to share the secrets with all our readers.

brandy norwood skin care tips
Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood Shares Her Skin And Beauty Tips

She’s 36 years young and she looks as flawless as ever these days. On the contrary to what many may think, Brandy revealed that she in fact has no magic formula to keep her skin looking perfect. However, she does use certain skin care line products to keep her skin flawless.

According to, Brandy discovered a product line called Natura Bisse and she uses a specific products that are part of the Diamond anti aging collection. Brandy “found this product four years ago” and she has been using it ever since. That’s not the only product that Brandy Norwood uses to keep her skin beautiful, she stated, “I use the Diamond White Glowing Mask, I use the Diamond Extreme Eye cream for the bags, and I use the Diamond Gel Cream all over my face.” The other thing that Brandy says she attributes to keeping her skin nice looking is drinking a lot of water.

Brandy also shared tips related to her make-up routine. Without going into too much detail, she recommends applying very slowly.

Many celebrities try and avoid even talking about aging. Some may even try everything humanly possible to avoid going through the process. Brandy acknowledges that it’s inevitable that her body and face will continue to change. Brandy embraces it but she does her best to try and stay fresh and suggests that you try and “be your best self” because “that’s what it’s all about.”

I would strongly suggest that you do your best to try and take the same mindset and approach when it comes to caring for your body and skin. In fact, if you browse this section of the site you’ll find additional tips that will help keep you looking as young as possible. Of course, results always do vary but it’s worth the small additional efforts.

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Brandy Norwood Shares Her Skin Care Secrets
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