If you happen to be looking for ways to look younger and have thought about a number of different options and procedures to attempt, you may have considered Botox as a viable option. In fact, you’ve probably wondered if Botox can actually help you look younger.

For those of us who have considered Botox already, it’s quite possible that you have already considered all the pros and cons of using this injectable substance. And many of you might even know that it helps to paralyze the muscles in the face, and this deadens facial muscle movements and allows your skin to become wrinkle free around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

There’s more than meets the eye to this cosmetic procedure. There are the obvious pros and cons, potential side effects, things to know about Botox injections, and how it compares to collagen. We will fill you in on many of these and more as we learn more about this specific cosmetic procedure and what it can do for you.

So let’s begin at the beginning and discover what Botox actually is.

Botox: What Is It?

Botox, real name botulism toxin, is a substance that actually develops naturally in specific environment types including soil, water, and even within living beings such a shellfish and fish. In their natural state, these botulism toxin cells are not harmful at all. But they do have the ability to grow and take over healthy cells, and this is actually what produces the byproduct that ultimately ends up creating this toxin.

Even though it seems like there are potential dangers, the truth is that this is something regularly used by skin care professionals on a daily basis. And developmental research scientists have discovered ways to use it in controlled, small doses to help fight back against the signs of aging. Many look at Botox as an instant facelift.

Here is an up close and personal video of the procedure, by contributor, Gina V.  This was done in Las Vegas, Nevada.  You’ll get an idea of how the entire procedure plays out and will be able to see her skin before and after the procedure. 

It works very different than other anti aging injectables, and it has a specific effect on the skin that we will cover later.

A Comparison between Collagen and Botox

Many people take it upon themselves to compare anti aging products to figure out which one might have the best effect for their personal needs. One of the things you might be wondering is if there’s a difference between collagen injections and Botox injections. And you might be wondering if you can expect to get the same results from both substances.

Truthfully, Botox is actually very different than collagen. Botox does not firm the skin or make it plump. It will not fill out wrinkles and fine lines. What it does is it paralyzes nerve cells at the point of the injection, and this prevents facial muscles from contracting when making facial expressions like laughing, frowning and smiling.

When Botox is doing its job, it will prevent laugh lines which appear around the mouth and around the eyes. These laugh lines often make people look older than they really are.

When using Botox, it will smooth out your wrinkles and creases and prevent them from forming while the toxin is still taking effect. It cuts off nerve communication altogether.

Collagen, on the other hand, has the ability to actually make the skin plumper. And as you can see, this is a completely different approach to eliminating wrinkles than botulism toxin provides.

Important Things to Know about Botox Injections

If you are ever going to seriously consider getting botulism toxin injections, it’s in your best interest to only receive this treatment from a licensed physician. It’s important that safety is your top priority when preserving and protecting your health.

When you undergo Botox injections, the doctor is going to inject this substance into the area where wrinkles and fine lines exist. It will deaden the nerves in that region and your muscles are going to go slack and become smooth.

The good thing about Botox is that you should begin to notice positive results within 24 hours after you get the initial treatment. And the great thing about this method of treating wrinkles and fine lines is that it lasts for a while, and you may even still experience the effects up to six months after the initial treatment.

Although it might be expensive for some, it is also a relatively noninvasive treatment and quick to act. Botox is an excellent substance and a great way to finally get rid of your wrinkles, albeit temporarily.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside to using this substance. There are potential side effects that some people suffer when getting these injections. We’ll discuss this in greater detail next.

Potential Botox Side Effects

As far as potential side effects are concerned, this is something that you should speak to your doctor about if you have any major concerns or questions that need answering.

After doing research, we’ve discovered that there are a number of potential side effects that one might experience when undergoing this treatment.

As an example, some people will experience the following: muscle weakness, headaches, rashes, swelling near the injection site, fatigue, and drooping eyelids to name a few.

If you are concerned about the potential side effects of botulism toxin injections, it’s in your best interest to speak to a doctor about your possible concerns. He or she will provide the answers that you desire and hopefully this will help to put your mind at ease.

Tens of thousands of people undergo Botox treatments every year. Obviously, the potential side effects are real, but it doesn’t seem like they are too dangerous otherwise all of these people would not get this treatment so often if this were the case.

Final Thoughts

As you have read, there are many wonderful reasons why you might entertain the idea of getting Botox treatments at some point in the future. This method of dealing with fine lines and wrinkles definitely works, but it only does so temporarily and you’ll need to get more injections in order to experience the same results.

When you combine that with the potential negative side effects, it might be in your best interest to find safer, more permanent treatment options. But obviously it’s up to you, so use your best judgment when making your final decision.

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