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This is going to be all about body hair and then some! For the men that are reading this, don’t get an attitude about it, just keep reading and be grateful that you’re getting properly educated on the subject. I know you’re likely rolling your eyes at this point but that’s neither here nor there. Just stay focused and read this from top to bottom. Your significant other will appreciate it.

Now, for the women, don’t feel as though you don’t need to read up on this because you most certainly do. There’s always something to be learned and if you can pass the knowledge along to someone that needs it, then even better!

body hairEverything You Need To Know About Body Hair

For starters, I’ll go ahead and say that body hair has had it’s ups and downs in terms of trends over the last 20 years. It’s gone in style, out of style and done a bunch of other things along the way. The important thing to note is what’s in style right now and what you should be doing to keep yourself groomed accordingly.

One thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not manscaping is in order. While shaving your entire body isn’t a must, it’s important to keep yourself well-groomed. The good news is that we’re here to guide you. Don’t bust out the razor or the clippers just yet. Instead, take a moment to read what we’ve got to share. All the bases will be covered here regardless of whether they’re applicable to you or not. Take note of them, share the info with a friend in need and pass it along. You might help someone out in the long run.

Shaving Your Face

There are many reasons why some people shave their face. For one, it can certainly make an older man look younger. There’s something about a smooth face that most people just find more appealing, at least that’s what the research I’ve done shows. Some people have even mentioned that their productivity increases due to shaving daily. I have no idea how true that is but if it’s on the Internet then it must be true right!

As for shaving, you’ll need to keep yourself well-equipped with the necessary tools to succeed. That means having fresh razor blades on hand or a high-end electric shaver! I’d personally suggest going for a shaving subscription service over the electric razor but that’s just my personal opinion. You can always go with the Dollar Shave Club subscription or something similar.

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If You Opt For The Beard…

If you decide to opt for the beard, then you’ll be one of the many that choose to make a fashion statement sporting hair on their face. You don’t have to go wolverine or full force caveman style. Instead, it’s more common and definitely more hygienic to keep short stubble versus growing an all out beard.

Athletes Shave Down

If you’re an athlete participating in certain sports, then it’s customary for you to shave down as it may have a positive effect on performance. Every sport has different motive and reason really. If you’re planning on doing it, be sure to be careful not to cut yourself. The best approach is to use an electric trimmer to get your body hair to stubble length then grab a razor to tighten things up. Be sure to rinse with cold water so that your pores close up.

Armpit Hair

It’s generally customary for men to not shave their armpits. Most women expect to find air under a guy’s armpit. Unless your some sort of a model from Zoolander hitting the runway, then the best bet is to keep the armpit hair.

Shoulders and Back

Trust me, 99.99% of people in this world find both¬†shoulder and back hair unattractive. Do yourself a solid and get rid of all the shoulder and back hair that you have. This can be a daunting task but one that you’ll be able to accomplish on your own with the help of some trusty tools. For example, the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is worth investing in. For less than $50.00 your back can be hair free in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Get Fancy

If you’re thinking about carving some fancy designs in your body hair, then think again my friend! Hair patterns of any kind are totally unacceptable and so bad that they may cause people to laugh right in your face. Save yourself the pain and just don’t do it.

Trimming Downstairs

Be careful whenever grooming your special areas. I’ll go ahead and say that based on my research, it’s quite customary and very much appreciated that one keeps the area groomed. Keeping things under control in this area is always appreciated!

Facts Your Didn’t Know About Body Hair

Now that I’ve covered all the grooming essentials when it comes to body hair, I figured I’d share some fun facts with you about body hair.

Did you know that the hair on your body doesn’t live as long as the hair on your head? It’s only got a lifespan of roughly six months, which is why it never gets super long. (source)

This next fact is one that all the hairy people are definitely going to back. A study was performed back in 1996 which had findings showing that the more body hair that you have, the more intelligent you might be. I’m not sure how much I buy into this study as it’s quite a stretch but it’s something, right! (source)

Did you know that you can lose up to 150 hairs every day? Most people on average shed around 100 hairs daily. That’s a lot of hair if you ask me!

This fact is a funny one that some people joke about. They make fun of people with body hair telling them to remove their sweater. Well, turns out that they might be onto something there. It turns out that body hair can regulate your temperature. (source)

Did you know that if you shave all of your body hair, you won’t have any traces of drugs in your hair follicles for 5 to 7 days?¬† It’s true, we talk about that on this page.

Well, that’s my lesson on body hair, go share the facts and advice with anyone that you know sporting too much hair on their body. Trust me, they’ll be thankful if you do!


Body Hair
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