Blue Lagoon Skin Care Line (Review)

Well, it’s a new day and today I’m on a mission to explore the good, bad, and ugly of all things Blue Lagoon. Chances are you’ve heard of the Blue Lagoon either searching for travel options or perhaps you’ve been browsing through Netflix for movies to watch. Well, I’m not talking about any of those things today. Instead, I’m referring to the Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care Line.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this skin brand is located somewhere in Iceland. In fact, Icelandic skin care is trending so hard these days that it’s even surpassed the Korean skin care craze. This article right here proves just that.

If you take a close look at the products they offer, you’ll quickly realize that they provide consumers with treatments as well as products which can be used on a daily basis. All of which contain ingredients that are derived from the geothermal waters in the local lagoon. Many people don’t know it, but the water is said to contain very nutrient rich elements. For example, things such as algae, silica, and minerals are said to be great for your skin and the fact that they’re abundant within these waters makes the line that much more appealing.

blue lagoon skin care line

Is The Blue Lagoon Skin Care Line Worth It?

I am a firm believer of doing your research before taking any action at all. That holds especially true when it comes to skin care products. The Blue Lagoon Natural Skin line sparked my interest almost instantly. It’s most widely known for having the power to heal your skin and all with the use of natural ingredients. These ingredients are said to be safe, efficient, good for your skin, and effective. Not only are they said to cleanse your skin, but they also help reduce signs of aging in tandem.

Yes, it’s all thanks to the geothermal waters and the elements contained within them such as algae, minerals, silica and other things that I’ve covered above. There no doubt about it that this brand claims to be wonderful for your skin, but before suggesting that you dive into things, I’m going to cover some information about the brand.

The Website

If you take a look at the website, it’s no surprise that this company means business. I have no idea how long the lagoon has been around for but my guess is that the company is about as reputable as it gets. The Instagram alone has 70k+ followers which is a lot today given the number of brands you can go with today. The brand started in 1993 with five basic products. The main reason the brand was created was simply due to the healing effects that the lagoon had on people’s skin. The company ended up advancing technologically as they took the geothermal seawater and created a line of products which incorporated the use of them.

They created a way to do all of this without wasting any of the materials or elements throughout the process. They’ve done the research, patented formulas and they’ve got some really powerful skin care products using ingredients sourced locally.

blue lagoon iceland

The Benefits Of Using Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care Products

Now, time to get to the good stuff. Everyone wants to know what the main benefits are of using the Blue Lagoon Skin Care products. Trust me, if you’re thinking that same thing,┬áthen you’re not alone. The benefits of using this brand come directly from a few simple local elements. These elements are found in the geothermal water, which makes them extra special. I’m talking about the algae, minerals and the silica that you find in the water. The Blue Lagoon has found various ways in which they can capture these ingredients and use them in products they’ve designed to treat your skin. Here are how each of these elements work to improve your skin.


For those not familiar with this ingredient, algae is a type of seaweed which you can find in a number of skin care products across the world. The ingredient is mainly incorporated into anti aging products because it can help reduce the signs of aging as well as boost collagen production. Through jump-starting the collagen production process, algae are able to influence or enhance cell regeneration. The end result is firm skin that’s smooth and elastic. You’ll also notice that your skin will look more youthful too.


Next on the list is silica which is also known as silicon. This is a mineral which is basically in charge of your nails and hair. Well, it helps them both grow is what I meant to say. There has been evidence suggesting that reduced levels of silica can cause issues with hair growth as well as nails. Did I fail to mention that silica also helps improve skin elasticity and collagen product? So, yes, there’s that too.

Based on some research that I’ve done, it seems like the silica in the blue lagoon can actually help to strengthen your skin, thus creating a stronger protective barrier. If you’re dealing with cuts, scars, burns or any other types of skin wounds, then this may help your skin heal quicker.

Other Minerals

You’ll find that there are actually lots of other minerals within the blue lagoon waters. These minerals can definitely have a strong impact on your skin and a positive one at that. If you’re dealing with UV radiation issues or other external element factors, then you will be glad to know that the antioxidants found in the minerals can help improve the condition of your skin.

The Product Line

In terms of products, they’ve literally got dozens of products that they offer. Bath salts, algae masks, body lotions, body oils, foaming cleansers, conditioners, foot balm, foot scrub, foot and leg lotion, an ice cube mask, lava scrub, hydrating cream with SPF, mineral face masks, mineral face exfoliators, rejuvenating cream, scalp treatment, lip balm and more.

If you cannot find a skin care product in their online shop that you’ve like to try, then chances are you’ll never find a product anywhere.

In terms of the pricing, they are actually pretty reasonably priced in my opinion. The average cost seems to be less than $50 which is very reasonable for products formulated with these ingredients.

Should You Try Them?

In my personal opinion, I cannot see why you wouldn’t want to try them. Everyone that I’ve spoken with that’s either visited this location or tried out the products is head over heels for it. My guess is that it’s definitely worth it. For the average price they are asking, I think it’s worth giving the products a shot.

Blue Lagoon Skin Care Line (Review)
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