Blogger Keiko Lynn Shares A Few Skin Care Secrets


I thought I was a popular skin care writer, then I discovered Keiko Lynn Groves! If you’re not familiar with Keiko Lynn, she’s a personal blogger from Florida that blogs about almost everything related to skin and beauty. It seems as though she takes a light-hearted and relaxed approach when it comes to most things.

However, when it comes to caring for her skin, Keiko Lynn doesn’t mess around. According to an article recently published in StyleCaster, Keiko had a skin cancer scare at a younger age and since then she’s done everything in her power to protect her skin to the fullest extent possible. During her interview, she shared some great advice that her personal skin care routine and what she does to keep her skin healthy and perfect looking.

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Keiko Lynn Groves Shares Her Exact Skin Care Routine

It’s common for many people to have sensitive skin and Keiko is no exception. Due to the fact that her skin is quite sensitive, she’s reluctant to try new products. According to the article, she refrains from wearing foundation so she must take even extra care of her skin to keep it looking great.

Now, don’t be alarmed by all the products that I’m about to name off here. You certainly don’t have to use everything that Keiko does, although it might help you better achieve the skin status that you’re striving for.

When it comes to her morning routine, Keiko Groves washes her face with a cleanser made by Avene. Following that process, she usually opts for a gentle toner called Pixi Glow Tonic. After that, she typically applies an eye cream of some sort and last but not least Avene moisturizer and some SPF. By the sounds of it, Keiko is taking all the necessary steps throughout the day to keep her skin healthy and blemish free.

It doesn’t stop there. She’s got a routine that she follows in the evening before bed as well. This one includes that use of a number of products as well. Again, don’t let that scare you. It’s important to invest in your skin if you want to look great. It’s the price you have to pay to look good. That’s just the nature of this beast.

Now, as for product, in the evening Keiko starts with a Camellia cleansing oil by Tatcha. After that, she uses the Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion by Avene. Next step is to apply an acid of some sort to her face. For this, she uses a few different brands, one of which we’re familiar with, Peter Thomas Roth. The next routine step is to apply an eye cream and a couple types of serums as well as an Orange Blossom Oil. Apparently, Keiko has also started incorporating the StriVectin neck cream into her nightly routine as well. Most importantly, she made it pretty clear that leaving any makeup on her face at night is just not an option!

When she was asked if there were any other non-routine type applications or products that she incorporated, she mentioned that there were a few. Apparently, she is a fan of sheet masks as well as under eye masks and chemical peels. She also mentioned that she gets facials occasionally. Her way of investing in herself is to purchase skin care products and treatments versus purchasing tangible goods such as shoes and bags.

When it comes to protecting your skin, she claims that the best advice she ever received was to protect her skin from UV rays and sun exposure. If you want to follow Keiko on social media, then I suggest you check out her official Instagram account.

Blogger Keiko Lynn Shares A Few Skin Care Secrets
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