What is Collagen

We talk a lot on this site about collagen, such as this post about using horse tendons as a collagen booster, as well as this one here where we discuss taking pills, but we never really took an in-depth look at what collagen is.

So, here we are with your official write-up so you can get your answer on what we mean when we discuss it with regards to skin care.

Collagen and Its Importance

If you’re wondering what is collagen, then here are all the answers that you’re looking for. We talk about it a lot on this site because it is the most abundant protein in the body and is the building block for many things inside of you.

You can find it basically everywhere – it’s in your bones, in your muscles, in your skin, and connective tissues like your tendons. It’s kind of like a scaffold that gives your body its structure.

collagen usesWhen it comes to it being found in the skin, what it does is plumps up your skin cells to make them more firm and supple. Having fuller, more robust cells in your skin can keep the surface of the skin more taut and firm and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines that exist, as well as prevent future outbreaks of wrinkling in the skin. An abundance of collagen gives the skin more strength and elasticity.

Collagen is produced naturally in the skin, and can also be boosted by external sources. It is widely popular in cosmetic circles through the use of booster pills as well as lotions. Skin fillers are used to fill out depressions in the skin as well as improve the contour.

It is said that pound for pound, it can be stronger than steel which is why it has high importance in maintaining strong bone structure by anchoring cells together and providing stability.

Another use for this protein is found in wound dressing. If you have a chronic wound that does not respond well to other treatments, your doctor or dermatologist may recommend this kind of treatment.

Similarly, in other medical uses, collagen has been used to treat osteoarthritis. You can alleviate painful symptoms and improve the function of your joints by taking a boosting supplement to rebuild the cellular matrix of the joints and strengthen the tendons around it.

As you can see, this is an essential building block whose importance cannot be understated. It’s why it’s so prominently advertised in many anti-aging products, and why we talk about it so much on this site!

What is Collagen
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