How To Remove Make Up In A Way That Doesn’t Affect Your Skin

makeup tipsRemoving makeup… sounds simple enough right? WRONG!

Many women think removing make up is a simple as washing their face with soap and water or using make up removing products, wipes and toners.

However, unbeknownst to them, removing make up in this way can damage your skin and leave it red and sensitive. Sometimes it doesn’t come off properly and residue remains on the skin and can cause break outs. There are a few simple and easy to do methods that can safely and effectively help you remove make up without damaging your skin.

Remove any eye makeup with a makeup remover before washing your face:

By removing most of your eye makeup before you wash your face with a makeup remover, it will minimize the amount of residue that runs under your eyes and makes the clean-up job after simple and easy to do. This also eliminates the need to rub your eyes with makeup remover after when they’re sensitive from the hot water and prevents damage to skin.

Cotton Swab:

Mascara and eyeliner residue can be easily removed after you’ve wash your face with a cotton swab. Simply dampen it with some hot water and wipe it away. Apply a little bit of an oil based makeup remover to the swab if the residue is stubborn or water proof. This prevents you from having to rub your eyes with a cotton pad that has make up remover on it as that can cause irritation, soreness and damage to eyes.

Use a steaming rag or towel to open pores:
To easily and comfortably remove foundation, concealer and other face make up, get a towel rag, dip it in hot water, rinse it out and drape it over your head. This will open pores and make dirt in the skin soft and removable, allowing you to effectively removal face make up with ease and without damage to your skin.

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly provides many beauty uses.   It is also particularly handy in removing staining lipsticks and lip stains etc.  To effectively remove stubborn lip colors without making your lips sore and cracked by excessive rubbing, apply a small amount on to your lips and wipe it away with a cotton ball or a tissue. This helps to remove most lip colors easily and quickly on the first try.

How To Remove Make Up In A Way That Doesn’t Affect Your Skin
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