Foods to Avoid to Clear Up Eczema

Eczema can be an irritating skin condition which can also be affected by the foods you eat as well as the weight loss supplements you take. While it may prove impossible to avoid all foods, you may want to limit at least some of them to ameliorate the skin condition. It must be said that not all foods react in the same way for every person and it may even be true that some foods can trigger eczema. At the same time, you will want to know that not all food quantities can trigger the skin condition as it may only appear with larger intakes of certain foods.  Just be aware that not all foods that seem healthy are actually healthy.


Eggs are among the most common causes of eczema. While not all people show the same eczema issue with eggs, it can be a food source which can enhance your problem, especially if you are allergic. The interesting fact is that some people only react to the yellow of the egg or from certain types of eggs. Some can consume eggs from commercial sources while others can only consume eggs from home sources.


Not all types of milk can cause eczema. But if you find that you react to cow’s milk you may find out that you are actually allergic to this type of milk. If you want to check this yourself you can take a break from cow`s milk for a few weeks and then introduce it back into your diet to see how your skin reacts.


Gluten can be one of the most pressing problems for people with eczema. Not all people can digest gluten and this can lead to a series of problems which range from small reactions to more serious conditions. The best approach is to have yourself checked by a professional for gluten allergies. If you are allergic to gluten you can find there are other foods you can still enjoy and you would have to discuss them with your doctor.

Fish and seafood

Depending on your local food sources, you might find that your eczema can be caused by certain fish. This is hard to diagnose precisely and this is why you would benefit from having a complete set of analysis if you think that seafood is causing your skin problems. This can also answer some questions as to which types of seafood causes these problems or if it is an issue of quantity.

There are foods which can cause eczema. Certain nuts have also been linked to skin conditions like eczema.  Since nuts may not be part of the daily diet, the condition and reaction can be easier to diagnose for some people. But as with all foods, it may be down to the quantities you consume and how your body reacts to them. Either way, if you have the condition for a longer period of time you should not postpone checking it with a dermatologist. In most situations, a complete set of blood analysis might also give you the answers you are looking for.

Foods to Avoid to Clear Up Eczema
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