Do’s And Dont’s Of Summertime Skincare

skin care tips for sumerOur skincare routines vary depending on the season, during winter we do and use more to protect our skin against the cold and in the summer we do the same to protect our skin from the sun and humidity… however many people don’t exactly know what they should include and take out of their skin care routine during the summer. Here are the dos and dont’s of summer skincare:

Don’t Overuse Heavy Creams:

There is a common misconception that many people have that they need to use a lot of hydrating and moisturizing products during the summer to prevent the skin from becoming dry and to protect it from the sun. Not only does the heat because moisturizer on the skin to become greasy looking, it also prevents your skin from absorbing moisture and can make your face look dull as ingredients that are synthetic can result in dead cells and skin being trapped. Using a night moisturizer during the summertime is recommended. Skin cells regenerate faster during the night and it is a good opportunity to hydrate and replenish your skin overnight.

DON’T just apply one coat of spray sun cream and bottled ones:

Spray sun creams make sun cream application a lot easier and cleaner, however, a great deal of the product you pray goes into the air or doesn’t stay on your body. To ensure you are fully protected and have a good amount of sun cream on your body, apply 6 to 7 coats to ensure you get all your body properly. Although bottled sun cream isn’t as quick and easy to put on as the spray ones, it is important to apply 2-3 layers to ensure your skin is protected fully.

DO exfoliate well often:

During the summer, dry skin is a common problem, there is a lot of dead skin that is on us that makes us look dull and no amount of moisturizer can get rid of it. Exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin and dry patches that moisturizing cannot get rid of. Exfoliating helps to soften and brighten the skin, allowing moisturizer to effectively hydrate and protect the skin. Don’t exfoliate too hard as this can cause your skin to become irritated, especially when it comes into contact with heat. Exfoliating regularly throughout the summer can help to keep skin fresh and radiant.

DO use self-tanner:

During the summer, unbeknownst to me, people like to get fake tan to give themselves a bronze and sun kissed look. This can be achieved safely and easily by using tanning moisturizers, tanning wipes, bronzer etc. This is a good alternative to using harmful sunbeds to get a tan, the effects of using them last your whole life and they can cause a lot of skin damage. Self-tanner is a nice way to give your skin a tint and the moisturizers can hydrate your skin when they penetrate into it and generally have SPF sun protection in them

Do’s And Dont’s Of Summertime Skincare
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