Best Foods for Your Skin

Your skin needs extra attention especially as you age. Apart from avoiding habits such as drinking and smoking which can make your skin look unhealthy, you also want to ensure you get the right nutrition which will make your skin radiant and look healthier. There are a few tips you need to know when it comes to healthy foods and skin nutrition:

Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is always the first step towards a healthy-looking skin. You could eat many other foods but if you don’t get enough water into your body, you will not see the best results you can expect. You should aim to drink water throughout the day even if you are not thirsty. Since the human body needs water to maintain all the functions at a healthy level, you should always aim to drink at least six to eight glasses of pure water in a day. This is apart from other drinks such as coffee.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can be one of the best sources of antioxidants. It can play an important role in the overall healthiness of your skin but can also help you with other cognitive functions. The good news is that you will be able to eat dark chocolate a few times per week. A good tip is to look for products which are high in concentration with low or no sugar content. You can thus eat a few pieces before or after a workout or some physical exercise routine.


Yogurts come with high protein content and they can represent a convenient method of completing your daily required amount. Ideally, you want to ensure the yogurts you purchase are low in sugars or additives as you want to keep them as natural as possible.


Nuts are amazing for the overall health as they come with healthy fats which are essential to the body. Even more, they are high in copper which can boost collagen. This is an important element in skin elasticity and natural look and this is why you can use the opportunity to include more nuts into your diet.

Green tea

Green tea has so many health benefits that it is constantly researched and backed by science. One of its interesting characteristics is that it comes with the capacity to fight inflammation. This means you will be able to drink green tea to reduce the inflammation of the skin and give it the natural look you want.

These foods are a great source of antioxidant and nutrition to help you achieve a better-looking skin. It may be one of the most interesting characteristics, but they all need plenty of water to show their true effect. This is why it is so important to ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will be a great starting point to the right foods which include antioxidants rich dark chocolate, protein-rich yogurts or collagen boosting nuts. It will be down to you to include them into your daily nutrition.

Best Foods for Your Skin
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