Do Acne Patches Work?

Nobody likes acne. It sucks and everybody knows this.  Today’s blog update will reflect on the opinion of celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

Normally when you have a facial blemish on your face there is also multiple other pimples. Although it isn’t unheard of to get that lone pimple all by itself that pops up during the holidays or when you least want it.

So to get rid of that lone pimple, we want to know if acne patches actually work?

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer says that “sometimes it works, sometimes not.” That isn’t really the definitive answer we were looking for. But if you are thinking about using an acne patch, this is what you need to know about them:

First of all, how do they work? Well, an acne patch is basically a band aid that covers the pimple. Lancer says that they essentially heat the pimple and trap the fluid which allows the pimple to come to the surface.

nexcare acne patchNeed to consider medicated and non-medicated
There are medicated and non-medicated acne patches. These are relatively new entrants to the US but Lancer says that patch therapy has been around forever. Both the medicated and non-medicated patches work sort of the same. They each trap the pus, but the medicated patches contain a dab of OTC benzoyl peroxide or sometimes salicylic acid. So the medicated version helps the blemish essentially destroy itself according to Lancer.

If you still want to use patches, wear them at night
The best time to wear acne patches are at night during sleep. The reason being is you don’t have to cover the patch up with an oily makeup. So the whole area is untouched for the longest amount of time. If you are spot treating a blemish with the patch, keep in mind that results can vary. Always use patches at your own risk, they do not work for everybody’s acne.

Acne forms in groups and patches don’t work on groups
Accordingly, most acne forms in groups. Lancer says that an acne patch might work for a lone blemish but generally speaking these blemishes come in groups. So instead of patching your whole face with singular medicated patches the doctor suggests using an equally effective and less time consuming process. That is, you can apply an extra strength prescription solution on the entire affected area.

Don’t cause new acne problems trying to fix an old acne problem
Lancer says to be careful so you don’t cause new problems. He confirms that the acne patch application does not negatively affect the pimple and may cause it to heal faster but beware of other unforeseen issues that may arise. The doctor says that while the acne patch might help diminish the signs of the blemish it could trigger further blemishes in other areas. Lancer went on to elaborate on this saying that the sticky area of the patch will likely suffocate the pores so they cannot breathe. This can cause more irritation and new pimples to form.

Patches are neither good or bad
So in conclusion, the doctor says that acne patches aren’t very helpful but they aren’t exactly harmful. Well that settles it. They aren’t good or bad. But if you have a lone pimple that you need to get rid of now because you have a big event the next day then go ahead and patch it. But considering all the facts, acne patches really just are not worth the cost and the hassle. They are a fad that are disappearing and will not be around in the long run. So don’t get too excited even if they work for you.

Do Acne Patches Work?
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