Blackhead Extractor

Did you know that there’s a tool that exists which can seriously help you extract those nasty blackheads of yours? That’s right! It’s called a blackhead extractor and it’s one of the most well-known tools in the industry. If you’re a frequent spa visitor, then it’s quite possible you’ve been exposed to one of these trusty little tools without even knowing it.

What Is A Blackhead Extractor?

A blackhead extractor is literally a tool that’s been designed to help you remove all the nasty dirt and skin that clogs up your pores. The device is also known as a comedone extractor. Some people use this device on a daily basis within their home and others only get exposed to it during a schedule routine treatment at their dermatologist or even a local spa. Lots of clinicians use a blackhead extractor for a number of reasons. For starters, letting build up sit on your face is just a bad idea. This tool allows you to easily remove that build up. Along with removing that build up, you’re also able to safely remove toxins from your skin. the tool is designed to allow you to remove the toxins with causing a significant amount of damage to your skin. After all, you don’t want to cause more issues with your skin. That would be counterproductive.

Where To Purchase A Blackhead Extractor

If you think this is some super expensive tool that you can only get exclusively through your dermatologist, well, then you’re wrong. Blackhead extractors can be picked up at any good pharmacy, beauty store or drug store. If you live by a Walmart, CVS or Walgreens, I’m sure you will likely be able to find a blackhead extractor during your next visit. Just be sure to stay away from the cheap skin care products they may be selling there! If you don’t live close to any of these types of stores, you can purchase one on Amazon for as low as $4.99. Once you purchase one, you’re going to need to learn how to use one. Don’t just go poking your face with the tool. Using the comedone¬†extractor incorrectly can cause problems, even scarring.

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Krasr Comedone Extractor SetType of Blackhead Extractors

Before you start using the extractor you need to know the different types of blackhead extractors that exist and which you’ve purchased. There are two different types of blackhead extractors to choose from. No, they aren’t the same. In fact, they each serve a different purpose. One type of extractor has two heads and is shown in the picture below. As you can see, this specific extractor has not one, but two heads. One of the heads comes equipped with a tiny spoon with a hole in the center of it. This part of the tool is to be used to extract any sebum that gets pushed out from the skin as a result of using the tool.

blackhead extractor

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The other end of the tool has a sharp lancet which you can carefully use to extract any sebum that might be built up within a whitehead. Make no mistake, this tool is dangerously sharp and needs to be used with caution.

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The other type of blackhead extractor that exists comes with at least one cupped end. Each of the ends are typically different in size. They manufacture them this way for a reason. Likely to give you more options.

Using A Blackhead Extractor

Before you decide to use a blackhead extractor, you need practice safety first and foremost. That means, making sure that the tool you are about to use is sanitized and clean as can be. The same goes for your hands as well. Once the tool and your hands have been washed, it’s now time to wash the area in which you plan on using the tool. Using the tool is quite simple. Once your face is nice and clean, place the blackhead extractor over the blackhead and press the tool against your skin. You want to make sure that you’re pressing in a somewhat circular motion to ensure that you’re extracting as much build up as possible.

Once you’ve completed the extraction process, you’re going to want to then clean your skin thoroughly to further prevent infection from occurring. Feel free to follow up with the use of a toner and your preferred moisturizer.

I should also mention that it’s extremely important that you disinfect the blackhead extractor immediately after use. I’ve provided a quick video for you to help you visualize how to use this tool.

A Few Key Things To Understand

It’s extremely important that you don’t overdo it with the extraction process. If you’re pushing too hard on your skin while using the tool, then you could seriously damage your skin and cause permanent scarring. In the event that you’re unable to successfully extract a foolish blackhead, don’t panic. Instead, apply a basic acne cream or serum to your face that contains salicylic acid. This should help further dislodge that pesky blackhead.

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If you’re still not completely sure how to use a blackhead extractor, I’m going to recommend that you not take it upon yourself to try and use one. Instead, I suggest you visit your dermatologist in order to get the proper training necessary. The last thing you want to do is use a tool that’s designed to help and only cause further damage.

Blackhead Extractor
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