Black Soap

You know even though skin care has recently evolved into this super scientific market, it’s not too long ago that people relied on a simple bar of soap. Adding conditioner, shampoo, and moisturizer, well that was crazy pants! Back in the day, people didn’t have all the chemicals that we use today. Most people went for the most natural methods and they worked.

If you’re like the many environmentally friendly, organic, and natural skin care loving type, then you’ll want to know more about the ingredient is known as black soap! I know it sounds vague and even uncleanly but it’s actually termed African black soap and it’s from you know where…Africa.

The ingredients will shock you or maybe they won’t if you’re into taking the natural route.

African Black SoapWhat Is Black Soap From Africa?

Honestly, it doesn’t get any simpler than this! African black soap is an old-age skin care treatment that women from countries such as Nigeria and Ghana would make soap from. They’d use only the most natural local ingredients that they had available to make the soap. Using all those natural ingredients, the result was quite astonishing – nothing but beautiful looking skin and wonderful hair. The soap is typically handcrafted, as one would most commonly imagine. I’ll dive into the specific ingredients so that you can have a better understanding of what each bar of soap consists of.

Black Soap Ingredients

Traditionally, black soap was made by local women using only the ingredients and natural resources they had available. Women would typically use palm leaves, shea butter, cocoa butter, plantain skin ashes, cocoa leaves, and palm leaves.

As you can see, the soaps were made from a few basic ingredients and they worked quite well. In fact, the black soap is said to work better than common soap purchased today as it doesn’t strip your body of the natural oils. Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients and the positive impact they have on your skin.

Cocoa Pod – This is loaded with antioxidants that help slow down the aging process dramatically. It also helps fight off inflammation and reduce the presence of eczema in some people. Additionally, the ingredient is said to help heal damaged skin cells.

Shea Butter – We know how awesome this ingredient is as DJ Khaled stands behind it 100%. All joking aside though, it’s a solid skin ingredient loaded with vitamins such as E, K, and A. If you have dark spots or scars on your skin, then this will help them heal.

Plantain Leaves & Palm Leaves – This ingredient has tons of vitamins and minerals in it. As you know both vitamin A & E are super important if you want to keep your skin healthy. The leaves contain something called allatonin, which actually help renew skin cells. As a result, your scars may begin to fade away.

Palm Kernel Oil & Palm Oil – This ingredient contains lauric acid, vitamin E, and tocotrienol as well as tocopherol. They help destroy those free radicals building up in your body. Palm oil is great fro anyone looking to incorporate anti-inflammatories into their routine.

Given that all these ingredients are natural, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of them before using any African black soap.

Obtaining and Using The Soap

Most people take raw black soap that’s been handmade and they make a small ball with a piece of it. Then they just lather it up and cleanse with it.

If you want to make liquid black soap, all you need to do is cut up a few chunks of soap and put them in a pump filled with filtered water. This will help stretch the life of the soap a bit and make it more convenient to apply.

As far as purchasing the soap, might I suggest checking out Amazon to see what types of products you find listed within the marketplace? Be cautious when buying from a vendor. Make sure the product is all natural and that it doesn’t contain a bunch of other ingredients that I haven’t mentioned. If it does, then don’t buy it because it’s most definitely not 100% natural African black soap.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of using African black soap. For example, you’ll want to turn to this soap regardless of your skin type. Why, because it’s good for all types of skin especially sensitive skin! Most people that have sensitive skin often need to avoid commercial products due to the level of harshness. Good news is that this soap is all natural without any ingredients that are bad for your skin.

Another reason why people use this soap is because it cleans your skin quite well. If you’re full of dirt, grime, sebum, and just plain old dirty germs, then this is the natural soap for you. Bonus, it won’t strip your skin of the natural oils either.

I’ve already kinda covered this but since I’m listing off benefits it makes sense to state the fact that black soap helps clear up acne scars. They will definitely fade a lot faster if you are washing your skin with this type of soap. Removing the dead skin through diligent exfoliation techniques and regenerating new cells can help improve your skin.

Are you running around with clogged pores? Then you need this soap. It will help you unclog your pores and it’ll do it all without remove essential natural oils from your skin.

I know a lot of people that use black soap to help calm their psoriasis. Most body washes can cause flare ups due to the harshness of them. This soap contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help bring your skin back to health.

Your Personal Review

Have you tried using black soap before? Whether you’re a habitual user or you’ve experimented one time or another in the past, we want to know your opinion on this type of product. We haven’t come across many people that have used African black soap, so if you’re one of them, then please let us know your thoughts!

Black Soap
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