Birchbox vs. Ipsy

I’m about to hit a soft spot of many that love subscription based beauty services. That’s right, I’m talking about none other than Birchbox and Ipsy. We’ve been getting a lot of requests from readers asking which of these two services we recommend. I felt it was necessary for me to do a full review on both services.

Innovation is a wonderful thing and technological advances injunction with social media marketing has built these subscription giants up to what they are today. If you ask 90% of all the skin care advocates out there today, chances are they’ll tell you that skin care subscriptions are the best thing that ever happened to them.

The only question is which of these services do you go with? Fear not, I’m going to give you the rundown of them right now. It’s Birchbox vs. Ipsy and it is going to be a showdown for sure!

Birchbox vs Ipsy

Ipsy Bag Vs. Birchbox: Which Is Better?

Some may look at these services and say that they’re exactly the same. The truth is that they have some similarities but they’re extremely different from one another. Here’s a rundown of each of the companies and what they essentially have to offer consumers.

Actually, before I get into the similarities and differences, let me explain how these services typically work.

A consumer typically fills out a profile and subscribes to one of the services. They pay a monthly fee which is typically around $10 each month and each month they’re sent a box filled with health, skin, and beauty products. Some of the products will be full-size, while others are smaller sample sizes. Both services do their best to help determine what type of products to send you based on a simple set of questions that you answer.

By sharing your skin type, color, hair color, and other personal physical characteristics, each company is able to better cater to your needs and send you products that appeal to you. Since I’m only comparing two of the many subscription options out there, the price isn’t really a factor. Both subscriptions are roughly the same price, however, there are many out there far more expensive.

What’s The Main Difference Between Birchbox and Ipsy?

Well, based on my research, I’d have to say the major difference between both services lies within the products that they send. For the most part, Birchbox sends skin care and hair products while Ipsy typically focuses on sending cosmetic related products such as makeup and other stuff of that nature.

If you’re looking for face creams, anti aging products, eye masks and stuff like that, then Birchbox might be your best bet. If you want to test out lip gloss, mascaras, eyeliners, and contour powder, then the Ipsy Bag might be the choice for you. Plain and simple, the product types are what set them apart from one another.

birchbox subscriptionAs far as product size is concerned, you’ll find that the monthly Birchbox contains more samples overall than full-size products. That’s likely due to the fact that skin care products, in general, are far more expensive than makeup. As for the Ipsy bag, it’s not uncommon to get full-size products in your monthly bag delivery.

Is The Value There?

As you know, both Birchbox and Ipsy cost the same and they both claim to send products of greater value than the monthly cost, but is that really the case?

It’s safe to say that the value of each subscription exceeds the price, so you’re getting a deal regardless of which you choose. Overall, they’re comparable in value give or take a few dollars. However, many people have said that they get more value out of the Ipsy bag versus the Birchbox. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just reporting my findings!

Ipsy BagEarning Points

Each subscription offers a few options in which you can earn points. The points can then be used to purchase products. For example, should you opt for the Birchbox subscription you have the opportunity to earn reward points by purchasing products from the store online, referring people to join, and gifting others a Birchbox subscription? Basically, anything that helps them generate more money helps you earn points.

In the past, writing Birchbox reviews would also earn you points but the company did away with that reward option. People were writing reviews without actually trying the products and it became an unethical issue. Speaking of unethical, there are so many scammers out there today, be sure that you’re not buying from these sites!

Moving on to Ipsy, they too have a reward points system. They offer similar reward points for doing things such as buying a subscription, writing reviews, following them socially, referring friends, and doing all that type of stuff.

From a point system perspective, I personally don’t think it matters which has the better rewards system. You’re not in it for the rewards, more so the products. Don’t let that aspect force you to one side or the other.

If you’re looking to start up a subscription immediately, then go with Birchbox. The reason I say this is that Ipsy has a waiting list and you’re not going to get all the goodies right away if you subscribe.

If you’re a guy, then you might want to opt for the Birchbox Man subscription, because Ipsy doesn’t offer one for men.

Ipsy Unbagging

Here’s a video of one of the many female subscribers of Ipsy. Check out her unveiling and video review of the subscription.

Birchbox Unboxing

This video is literally a comparison of both Birchbox and Ipsy. Check it out as it’s pretty entertaining if anything!

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

It’s really a personal preference here. If you’re looking to try out skin care products, then Birchbox is your best bet. However, why not just try them both out and stick with whatever one you like best? That’s what I’d recommend doing!

If a skin care subscription is not your thing, then just find a brand that you like and stick with them. It’s not always 100% necessary to test a bunch of products all the time. Sure, we’ve got quite a few professional products that we recommend, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones you should use. Do what’s best for you and take it from there!

Birchbox vs. Ipsy
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