Birch Box Releases Dry Skin Treatment Video


Birch Box, the monthly subscription product giant has been making strides in the beauty and cosmetics niche for a couple of years now. They are recognized as the leader in sampling beauty products through their subscription services and there’s a good chance they know a thing or two about keeping your skin looking young and healthy. During these winter months, it can often be somewhat of a battle when it comes to keeping your skin well moisturized. That’s why a Birch Box staffer took the time to create a video on treating dry skin.

birch box dry skin treatment video
Birch Box Staff Member Lorelei

Birch Box Dry Skin Treatment Tips

Whether you’re struggling with flakiness, cracking, redness or rough skin, I’d suggest you keep reading. I watched the video and took the following away from it.

Lorelei, Birch Box staff member, featured in the video below, first shared some of her general beauty tips and skin care beliefs. She stated that “Dry skin goes with sensitivity,” recommending that you “be aware when using harsh products,” and she also recommends that you, “avoid really hot showers” if you have sensitive skin due to the impact it can have.

Lorelei also recommends that you begin to incorporate a great cleanser into your daily routine. Be sure that the cleanser is somewhat gentle to not cause more harm to your skin. A good cleanser will help rid the skin of dirt without stripping natural oils. She recommends that you massage the cleanser away using a cloth.

The next step in the recommended routine was to add a toner. The addition of toner use is to further prep skin for moisturizing. Lorelei recommends that you look for a light toner that will calm your skin versus irritate it. Remember, the objective is to just further soothe and prepare the skin for rejuvenation. A good solution for this is the use of a face mist. The Birch Box video blogger recommends using the Skyn Icelan Arctic Face Mist .

The next step she recommends is to use a concentrated oil or moisturizer after you’ve finished using a toner. I should mention that it’s important that you use this every single day as well. Lorelei suggested using a product called Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (24-Hour Miracle Cream) at this stage of the routine.

After covering the basic daily routine, she recommends adding in a treatment, such as a serum or mask. You can use a serum daily if you choose to do so or you can use it weekly. Lorelei mentioned that she used a serum product daily.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a special treatment, you can use a mask once or twice a week. Just be sure to check the product to confirm that the active ingredients it contains are not too strong or harsh.

That’s pretty much everything that I took away from this video. There are of course a variety of products out there that you can try until you find the perfect skin care brand for you. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll be glad to list them as suggestions.

If you’d like to watch the video you’ll find it below.

Birch Box Releases Dry Skin Treatment Video
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