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My guess is that you’ve likely run across this brand before. After diving into the biosil reviews that I found online, I knew it was something that I personally wanted to give a shot. If you’ve never heard of BioSil, then you must not be a fan of Christie Brinkley. This brand is hers and it’s one that she’s invested a lot of time and capital in over the years. Assuming that you’ve been searching for some ways to help reduce wrinkles, then BioSil might be your answer. This takes a more innovative approach versus the traditional approach to skin care, but it’s the direction that the world is headed for, no doubt about that.

biosil reviews

BioSil is actually a skin care supplement company that operates under the corporate name BioMinerals B.V. and it’s supposed to be the cats meow in terms of skin supps out there. The reason so many people like this product is due to its ability to improve the overall health of your skin tissues and most importantly, it improves collagen production.

Although the public seems to love this brand, it’s important to note that nothing compares to your own personal research. You’ll likely be unhappy to hear that the product has not been confirmed to make vast improvements in independent research studies. They simply haven’t done them as of yet, at least that’s based on what I know about the company. If you’re going to take BioSil, then you’re going to want to speak with a physician before doing so, that’s for sure. Do your homework and read the reviews written by many of the people all over the world before diving into this product. Doing so will give you a better indication of what this does and whether or not it’s going to work for you.

How Does BioSil Work?

It’s quite simple actually. The creators of BioSil basically make claims that this product will help your body produce collagen. They use collagen loss as a way to sell the product to consumers and how important it is to keep collagen levels as healthy as possible. They put a strong emphasis on just how bad your skin can get when you lack collagen. Wrinkles form, sagging occurs so on and so forth.

What is collagen you ask? Well, it’s an important part of your skin health and keeping tissues healthy. Collagen depletion is essentially what causes wrinkles to form, simple as that.

What Are The Main Ingredients In BioSil?

Before you take any skin care product, it’s important to understand the exact ingredients used to make them. BioSil uses an ingredient called orthosilicic which is essentially choline and silicon combined with one another. It’s the specific combination that makes this product so strong and useful they say. The choline helps better deliver the silicon to your skin cells which as a result tend to increase the production of collagen.

One thing that we don’t want to do is steer readers in the wrong direction, so please do not think that you’ll be actually increasing your intake of collagen. Some products try to make claims that ingesting collagen can help but that’s yet to be determined. See, this product does something to help increase the production of collagen. It’s the stimulation of production that helps improve things and ultimately tighten your skin.

The main problem I see here is that many of the BioSil claims are not proven or have not been proven by third party researchers as of yet. Just be sure to do your homework before you do anything further.

The Website

I took a close look at the company website to see what I could learn here. Sure enough, I was able to determine that they have a pretty decent looking website. They’ve broken products down by category type such as hair, skin, nails, reviews and so much more. They use this website as a way to basically get consumers interested in the products that they sell.

If you find reviews on the website, you’ll want to be careful to not take them into too much consideration given that they’ve been posted by the company.

As far as making purchases are concerned, if you head on over to this page here on the website, you’ll see all the different locations where they sell their products on the Internet, most notably is, the Vitamin Shoppe, and GNC.

The company does not have a site where they display contact information which is super annoying but at least they have a form I guess that you can fill out.

The Side Effects

There are side effects to using this product. Just like any other brand that you’re using, you need to be careful with using this one as well. Some of the reported side effects are not immediate (and not like using crystal meth), but some people have reported that changes in elasticity have taken place. Since this is a product that you ingest versus apply topically, it’s not as easy to see the immediate side effects of using BioSil. In fact, the side effects are basically not very clear as of yet.

Does It Really Work?

I think skin supplements are going to work differently for everyone depending on how you’re made up and what not. Some people claim that collagen supplements are a complete waste of time and money and that they do not work at all. I’m a firm believer that everyone reacts differently from product use and that if you’re not testing a product, then it’s not working for you. That’s the only thing that’s a guarantee.


There are only two approaches that you can take here. You can either forget you read this Biosil review entirely or if you want to try out BioSil, then be my guest and do so to see how things work out for you. It’s really a personal choice that needs to be made and nothing more at all. My advice would be to do some more research and make a decision as to whether or not you really want to give this a whirl.

BioSil Reviews
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