Biodroga Review

The German skin care company Biodroga has made quite the buzz in the US market. In fact, I can easily state that this company is one of the pioneers of what’s known as skin-specific cosmetics. As such it certainly deserves respect and a solid review of the company, its policies, and their best-selling products. My guess is that you’re going to head on over to Google and do a quick search on the company. Well, if you do, you’ll quickly realize that the first few results are the actual German website and the applicable US version of the site. You’ll also come across the Amazon listing of the 24 Hour Care product they’re selling within the marketplace.

The Biodroga Bioscience Institute is the complete name of the innovative lab in Baden-Baden, located in Germany, which manufactures the Biodroga products. The variety of products which they offer is quite wide. One can easily find specific products for the specific skin concerns in the Biodroga product line. Today the Biodroga products are sold in the high-end fashion salons and spas around the world as well as through their online shop. Here’s some company information for you to understand before trying any of the products out.

biodroga review

Details About The Biodroga Company & Products

Biodroga’s story began in the 1940’s as a co-op between the founder Walter Friedmann and cosmetician Rosel Heim. Together they created a complete skincare line to serve those with various types of skin. This was unseen before then and most had no idea what on earth it was. Then in 1959, the Biodroga products were officially launched and released.

The company is known for their innovation in skin care, and decade after decade, the company continues to bring new, more effective products to the market. Today, Biodroga makes cleansing products, anti-aging products, body care products, system care, premium care, special care, men’s products, and last but not least, makeup products.

The United States version of the website is nicely designed and well-organized, and one can search products according to the type of skin/issue. One can also visit the Biodroga Institute page which serves as a guideline for all the Biodroga products. Consumers can browse the products and learning everything about them in a matter of minutes. Speaking of learning about products, it only makes sense to cover some of the ingredients involved in making these products…

The Main Ingredients

The Biodroga products are a result of a carefully created manufacturing policy which has been in action for over 60 years. The products are made from excellent raw materials and by those with a devotion to creating high-quality products. It should come as no surprise that some of the main active ingredients here are those which we’ve covered in the past. Which makes total sense considering that so many companies incorporate the same ingredients into their formulas because they work so well.

Here are some of the main active ingredients found in the Biodroga products.

  • Hyaluronic acid – this acid is naturally found in the body and is responsible for the water retention powers of the skin. When used in skincare products, it helps the skin retain moisture, helping the smoothing of the wrinkles and fine lines, helps with the healing of wounds and balances dry skin.
  • AHA – alpha hydroxy acids offer gentle exfoliation, improve the moisture content, repair dry skin, and help even blemishes and dark spots caused by sun
  • Peptides – molecules with small amino-acid chains that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and help the production of skin proteins like collagen, elastin, and
  • Minerals – finely crushed sea salt, quartz sand, silica, and pumice offer mechanical exfoliation, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, promoting the growth of new, fresh, smoother skin.
  • Botanical extracts – bring several beneficial effects to the skin like anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, and promote healing, reduce redness, stimulate collagen production and soothe and rejuvenate the skin. These include olive oil, almond kernel oil, aloe vera, shea butter, yam root, grape seed extract, sunflower seed oil, wheat, avocado oil, apple, evening primrose, rose, iris, truffles, and many other plant extracts and oils.

The products are made without the use of any parabens, mineral oils, PEGs, artificial emulsifiers, artificial colorants, artificial scents, and GMO’s. For anyone that’s interested, the international Biodroga website offers further details on any and all ingredients that are each of the specific products, as well as proof of evaluation of the products manufactured.

The Products

It’s time to take a closer look at several of the Biodroga products. I can’t cover all of them in this review, but I’ve tried to touch upon the most important that I know of.

Cleansing oil

This cleansing oil by Biodroga is made from Apricot Kernel oil, which is soluble in water, creating a gentle emulsion on the skin that effectively removes dirt, impurities, and any makeup residue. It’s easily washed away with water and also helps remove any redness and irritation that might be present. This product is intended for people with very dry and sensitive skin.

Intense Moisture Formula Basic Moist Fluid

This is a lightweight formula that contains a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients, helping the skin obtain and retain a high level of moisture. Dry skin is very prone to developing wrinkles and lines, and this formula helps the consumer beat them via hydration. It’s made with Hydroforte (or sodium hyaluronate) that’s essential to the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and aloe vera concentrate, sea algae extract and more. All that helps soothe and rejuvenate the skin. The product can be used by those with all skin types.

Throat & Decollete Cream

This is a rich formula that helps reduce the age-driven issues like sagging skin, wrinkles and chest lines. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than turkey neck. It helps firm the skin in the throat and décolleté region. This too can be used by people with types of skin and should be used by those who have finally turned thirty. Starting early is the best way to catch and reverse any signs of aging.

Puran 24-Hour Care for Oily/Combination Skin

This is a product made for people with very oily and combination skin as it contains oil balancing ingredients, as well as plant extracts that help soothe the skin. You’ll find that this also has an antibacterial effect for those looking for further protection against inflammation and irritation.

BiodrogaMD Collagen Boost Night Care

The collagen boost is a cream that contains ingredients that obviously boost collagen production and improve skin regeneration. It should be used at night. It contains tripeptides, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Derma Membrane Complex, and several different botanical extracts and natural oils.


I’ve covered the basics of the Biodroga skin care company, as well as a review of their main active ingredients. I’ve also covered a brief overview of their best-selling products. Based on the long company tradition, the many awards, and the popularity of the Biodroga products, I like what I’ve seen, heard, and learned thus far.

But what about the consumer review? There are actually a lot of positive reviews covering the products with many 5 out of 5-star ratings even. Consumers report that these products have helped their skin feel younger, refreshed and rejuvenated, even after a very short period of time. The only negative thing that I could find was a comment or two on the price of the products.

All the Biodroga products are labeled, “Made in Germany” because that’s where they come from. They can be bought at high-end beauty salons and spas as well as online. If this fits in your budget, then why not give them the old college try? Go for it and let us know what you think!

Biodroga Review
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