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Back in 2002, a product was launched that at the time was an unknown product named Bio Oil. Most skin care professionals didn’t even know what Bio Oil was because they had never heard of such a product. Since the launching of the product, great effort has been put forth to transform this once virtually unknown product into one of the most well-known and most highly-respected as well as globally recognized products within the skin care industry. Bio Oil can be purchased in countries such as the United States, Peru, Ireland, Turkey, Russia and a number of other places.

bio oil review
Bio Oil Product Review

Bio Oil might be one of the most recognizable names in skin care today and it’s due to a number of things. Has the product become increasingly popular because it works better than any other product out there? Is it because of the famous people that use and promote it? Is it because it contains some magic ingredient? Well, you are going to find out why. I took the liberty to research this product and I’ve got a lot to say about Bio Oil. I suggest that you read my Bio Oil review before purchasing the product. Find out how the product works and why it’s so popular today. Keep reading below for the all the information that you need to make a decision on whether or not you should purchase this product.

Bio Oil Review and Product Breakdown

I’m going to cover as many sub-topics that I can with regards to this product. My review is unbiased and purely informative to help you make better buying decisions.

Here’s How Bio Oil Works

According to the manufacturer, Bio Oil is said to be a great choice for those that wish to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. This product works as more of a preventative product versus a reactive solution. The product is a special formula that consists of a number of ingredients which are known to help improve your skin. It’s not a specialized product but more of an everyday overall anti-aging product that is known to specifically help reduce the sight of stretch marks, scars, dry skin and pigmentation. The product does not work as a “cure type” product for advanced issues. Instead, it’s a product that, if applied on a regular basis, is said to help repair your skin and improve the overall health of your skin in general.

The Bio Oil Ingredients Breakdown

What’s important to understand about Bio Oil is that it contains a number of ingredients and is said to be a generalized type of product. While this product is not considered to be specialized, the ingredients that it contains are certainly great for your skin and using the product will likely have a positive impact on your skin. I’ll cover some of the important ingredients in detail. According to the product list provided by the manufacturer, Bio Oil is made up of 27 ingredients. Some of the ingredients that the product consists of are:

  • Rosemary Oil: If you’re not familiar with Rosemary oil then you’re missing out! This popular ingredient can be found in a number of skin care products and is often included because of its ability to reduce the presences of bacteria and viruses that cause skin infections. Rosemary oil has wonderful healing properties and definitely can make your skin feel overall healthier.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a very well-known for its ability to regulate and promote good skin shedding. It can be considered as a weaker form of retinol and can improve your skin pigmentation as well as your pores.
  • Vitamin E: This is a well-known anti-oxidant that’s considered to be a staple ingredient in Bio Oil. Vitamin E is also an ingredient that helps preserve Bio Oil and keep it from becoming expired in a shorter time frame. Preserving the product allows consumers to get further use and shelf life out of the product.
  • Lavender Oil: This ingredient is one that’s been around for ages. It’s most known for its ability to fight bacteria and fungi. In addition to that, it’s also known for having a positive impact on healing damaged skin. As an added bonus, it does have a nice calming effect.
  • Calendula Oil: This is a great moisturizer and that helps help skin that’s been cracked, flakes or is overly dry.
  • Chamomile Oil: This ingredient has been added to Bio Oil due to its ability to reduce inflammation. The oil is also known to help calm individuals that inhale it.

Bio Oil Consistency

The consistency of Bio Oil is not greasy at all. Given that Bio Oil is in fact an oil based product, the greasiness can be a concern for those with sensitive skin due to the breakout potential that greasy products can cause. The good news is that Bio Oil claims to have found a way around the issues that most oil-based products cause. The company has made a light oil with an ingredient called PurCellin Oil and this oil is said to not have the normal greasy effect that most oils possess. Instead, the product is smooth, easy on the skin and it’s able to successfully penetrate skin unlike others.

Consumer Reviews of Bio Oil

I took the liberty to do some research on the reviews that exist on the Internet and I must say that there were a lot of reviews. When I say a lot I mean that there were thousands of product reviews online that consumers had written. For the most part, it appears as though majority of the consumers feel that Bio Oil is a good product. One site had 1,040 reviews with the average rating being a 4.2 out of 5. That’s a pretty nice rating as far as I’m concerned.

The reviews that I read suggested that using the product resulted in great improvement of their skin. The overall appearance and texture of their skin had improved. Many consumers also mentioned how nice the product smelled and that they looked forward to the smell when using the product. Some users went as far to call it a miracle oil! One reviewer did stress that a little goes a long way when using this product. I’m assuming that means that the product is of high quality and is long lasting. Overall, it seems like Bio Oil is well received by skin care product users in general.

The Price

Based on my research, it seems as though the prices vary for this product. However, the average cost of Bio Oil seems to be somewhere around $22 if you purchase it from a reputable site online. This is a relatively low-cost or very affordable item I should say.

Where To Purchase Bio Oil

If you’re looking to purchase Bio Oil, you’re in luck! Bio Oil can be found at most pharmacies and retail giants such as Target, Wal-mart and even Costco. This product can also conveniently be purchased online via Amazon as well as a few other online stores. However, I must suggest that you consult your  dermatologist or physician before using this product. It may be perfectly safe for you to use, but it’s always best to check if you’re not sure how you’re going to react to a product.

Bio Oil
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