Beyonce Keeps Her Face Fresh Looking With Rolling Papers


As the medical marijuana craze keeps getting crazier, one can only expect something like this to eventually come out. You probably haven’t got a clue what I’m referring to but just stick with me here. There’s a performer who’s kinda popular these days. Her name is Beyonce and she’s pretty much the bomb. In fact, she’s so boss that she ended up being the main headliner for 2018 Coachella.

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Now, since she’s a professional and she does have people helping her keep her perfect looks, it makes complete sense that she’d look perfect as can be just about 99.99% of the time. Yes, even while performing under the ultra bright lights.

When performing, she sweats like crazy, just like any other musician. However, she has a secret weapon that helps her conceal or hide all that sweat. Additionally, this secret weapon helps keep her skin looking pretty versus oily. Her makeup artist is that one that we can all thank for this tip…

She uses rolling papers!

No, not to smoke a joint but to blot her skin. The 36-year-old star has a makeup artist who recently spilled the beans revealing this secret. Sir John spoke with Vogue recently and revealed the fact that these cigarette rolling papers were lifesavers for Beyonce and her pores. Just before wrapping up her typical makeup routine, he uses rolling papers and blots her skin with them.

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These papers help her remove excess oil at a moments notice and they help keep her pores unclogged. He likes to blot with the paper before applying any type of powder to her face. Reason being, when the powder comes in contact with the oil, it simply pushes it further into the pores. The end result – clogged pores! Blotting before powdering helps prevent that from happening.

Will it work for you?

I know that’s what you really want to know, so no beating around the bush here with this. Yes, it most definitely will work for you. As far as rolling papers are concerned, you do have some options. See, some people are nervous about buying rolling papers while others are all for it.

If you’re not the type to buy rolling papers, then all you need to do is head on over to Sephora and pick up some traditional blotting papers. However, you’ll have to pay more for the blotting papers than you will the traditional rolling papers. Not to mention, you can roll a couple joints with what’s left. That is if that’s right up your alley.

As if spoon feeding you that information wasn’t enough, here’s something else that you need to know about Beyonce and her skin care routine. We dove into some of the other things that Sir John takes into consideration when styling Beyonce Knowles.

There were about a half-dozen things that he mentioned to Elle during an interview some time back and today I’ll be sharing some of the more important aspects of things to always consider.

Again, these things apply to Beyonce’s skin care routine as well.

Full disclosure: The information below was gathered from a published article in Elle. See more here.

#1. John believes in prioritizing skin care. He’s all about moisturizing, staying hydrated, and prepping.

#2. Based on my research, Sir John believes in the less is more approach. He always starts light and uses a water-based moisturizer as well as one that contains SPF.

#3. If you’re going to apply products to your skin, do so correctly and when possible, try to massage them into your skin.

#4. Stay away from products that create a shine type look to the face. That way it will not look oily or shiny. The objective is to glow, not shine.

#5. Always wash your face and remove your makeup each and every night. Oh, and as an added bonus, I’d like to throw in the importance of eating healthy and exercising 20 minutes every day. It all makes a huge difference, so just do it.

Well, those are the Beyonce beauty tips that I’ve got for you and you’ve got plenty to work with now!

Beyonce Keeps Her Face Fresh Looking With Rolling Papers
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