Beware Of Mercury In Imported Skin Care Products


Mercury was a Roman God. It was the God of shopkeepers, shippers, tricksters and transporters. But this past summer the Food and Drug Administration has caught thieves and scammers illegally importing and selling skin care products like creams, soaps and lotions that are laced with mercury. This is why it is critical to deal with a skin care company that makes its products in the United States, in an FDA regulated facility, like SkinPro.

These illegal skin care products that are loaded with it are marketed as skin lighteners and anti aging treatments. They were said to be used to remove age spots and skin blemishes and reduce wrinkles on the face and around the eyes. The importers are sneaking these products in from around the world. Mainly from China and other parts of Asia where there are no real restrictions on using mercury in skin care products.

Mercury has been found in skin care products

Mercury Found In Imported Skin Care Products

These products are targeted towards the Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern communities. They are also promoted on the internet on various web sites. Often these products have no ingredients listed or even a label. That should be a huge red flag right there. Try to avoid products that have the words, mercurous chloride, mercuric or mercurio. Some even plainly list it as an ingredient.

The real danger for the customer is that you can easily absorb mercury through your skin. What accumulates can take 20 years to remove. This can also trigger heart and neurological problems. Especially if you are nursing a baby and use these products you can pass mercury through breast milk. And mercury can damage a baby’s brain and nervous system as they are very gentile. These skin care products also produce what is known as vapors that are harmful. These can leave residue on even a towel for instance and make other people in your family sick too.

Beware Of Mercury In Imported Skin Care Products
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