Bethenny Frankel Has Serious Skin Growth Issues


It’s not everyday that we share news on reality TV stars like Bethenny Frankel. While we’ve featured many of the other Real Housewives of New York City, this time it’s a lot more serious than any other times. According to one of the recent articles published in, Bethenny Frankel had a growth removed from her skin.

That same growth was eventually tested for cancer. All of this took place after one of her social media followers reached out asking about the Band-Aid she was wearing on her face. Had she not posted the video on Instagram, it may not have been made public. We learned a lot more about this when she finally filled her fans in with more details.

bethenny frankel skin cancer

Bethenny Frankel Admits To Having Serious Skin Issues

What we’ve recently learned is that Bethenny has officially been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Due to the fact that she’s been given this diagnosis, she will need to have surgery in order to remove the cells.

For those unfamiliar with this type of issue, it means that Bethenny Frankel has skin cancer. The good news is that this type of cancer isn’t anything that’s going to disrupt her entire health so to speak. The fact that she can have it removed is a plus altogether.

Info on Bethenny’s Skin Cancer Removal Process

If you’re curious what type of process Bethenny needs to go through, it’s called Mohs and it’s injunction with a cosmetic procedure in order to reduce the chances of scarring. The Mohs surgery basically consists of the surgically removing the least amount of skin and the most skin cancer possible, all while keeping the healthy skin.

The skin cancer is literally removed one layer at a time with a surgeon analyzing each layer using a microscope. They do this to determine whether or not they’ve been able to safely remove all the cells containing cancer.

This simply goes to show the importance of checking up on your skin and taking care of your body. Bethenny is very much in tune to her body and she’s a workhorse that does so much that it’s unreal. We’re all about entrepreneurs and living that lifestyle, that said, we truly hope for the best for Bethenny Frankel and wish her a speedy recovery.

If you’re even remotely worried about this type of issue, then you need to take some action and get yourself checked out by a licensed dermatologist. Not doing so can be life threatening and you definitely do not want to take any shortcuts when it comes to this type of stuff.

There are plenty of other TV stars that have had the same or similar issues. One that comes to mind is Hugh Jackman. You can read about his issues here in this article.

Bethenny Frankel Has Serious Skin Growth Issues
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