Which Wrinkle Creams Actually Work?

Do anti wrinkle creams work?  That question is often posed, and our short answer is “YES” – but you must know what you are buying into.  This page will server as our official guide on how to buy wrinkle creams online.

How to Be Smart When Buying Anti Wrinkle Creams

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Using anti wrinkle creams can be a great way to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

What Traits to the Best Wrinkle Creams Share?

No matter what year it is, we always go back to two things when we suggest that a single product deserves the award of best wrinkle cream.

#1:  Consumer Sentiment

If consumers are all raving about a product and we read wrinkle cream reviews that are glowing and in massive favor of a particular product, we take notice.  We have Brandice and the rest of our team contact the brand for a sample to review or make an order so we can check it out for ourselves.  We pride ourselves in keeping our reviews fresh and current with the state of the market and really go all out for our readers.

#2:  Ingredients.

Skin creams, (just like Grandma’s secrete recipes) especially ones geared towards helping people look younger, are only as good as their active ingredients.  The state of skin care often changes, and with laboratories constantly trying to one up each other with new scientific research, the market for wrinkle creams that work only gets larger.  We can thank people like LipoTec for always upping their game and dedicating themselves to producing clinically tested anti aging cream ingredients that can be used by manufacturers and product formulators to release potent products.

When analyzing wrinkle creams, always harp on those two factors.  Marketing is simply a brand trying to convince you to buy their product.  While we appreciate good marketing that catches our eye and aims to educate us about products, we always fall back on our two time tested approaches to analyzing products:  ingredients and wrinkle cream consumer reviews.  When you have a solid foundation of ingredients coupled with happy customers that talk about anti wrinkle creams that actually work, you have something to seriously consider investing in.


Many companies that sell anti aging creams for wrinkles and fine lines get down and dirty.  Don’t fall for fake before-and-after photos of “customers.”  There are many cases where a fly by night company will put up unrealistic photos in an effort to deceive consumers from purchasing their products.  Often times you find this type of marketing in the “Free wrinkle cream” type offers.  If something looks too good to be true, it certainly is.  We’ve found many wrinkle cream scams that are giving the industry a black eye and hurting the reputable skin care brands.  It’s a shame, and we do our best to out these unscrupulous brands so you can avoid buying their products and save yourself some money.  We’ve even seen some cases where companies use fake before and after photos.

How do we know they are fake?

Because they are photos we’ve traced back to plastic surgery websites

Talk about a bait and switch!

When people see results from a plastic surgery website, it creates an unrealistic set of expectations.  When unrealistic expectations are set, it just sets up a miserable consumer experience and leads consumers to believe that most wrinkle creams don’t work.  The fact is, there are anti wrinkle products out there that have the ability to drastically reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes, cover facial wrinkles, and give an overall better complexion to the skin.

Which Wrinkle Creams Impressed Us The Most?

Wrinkles and fine lines are deep setting and very difficult to conceal. Only a handful of products really target wrinkle reduction and actually back up their lofty claims.

We’ll go on record saying that we tried just about every “top rated wrinkle cream” under $30, and they didn’t hold a candle to the efficiency of the products listed here.  It’s just not fathomable that a cheap wrinkle cream would have the efficacy of some of the expensive products for sale today.  So rather than sell you false hope, we’re here to share with you which products are worth investing in and using twice daily.

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Which Wrinkle Creams Actually Work?
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