Best Foods For Skin

If you want beautiful skin that you’ve got to eat right. I know it sounds silly but it’s the honest to god truth! There are certain foods (the best foods) that you can eat which will help improve the look and feel of your skin. In fact, I’m not going to hold anything back here. In fact, I’ll be sharing the best foods for skin and why you need to eat them all consistently!
Best Foods For Skin

The Best Foods For Skin To Keep It Looking Great

There are literally dozens of types of food that are great for your skin, I’m going to be covering the top foods today. It’s suggested to consume each of these, but in the event that you’re not a huge fan of one or a few, just commit to consuming even a couple of them. It could mean the difference between average looking and beautiful looking skin.

Foods That Are Dark Purple

I know this covers a plethora of foods but I figured I had to start somewhere. Eating dark purple foods can be great for your skin. These foods have wonderful healing powers and are fantastic antioxidants. You should attempt to work in some dark purple grapes, blackberries, or even blueberries if you can. Whatever is more readily available and cheapest works just fine.

The reason you want to consume these dark purple foods is quite simple. They legit consume all the free radicals that tend to do the most harm to your skin. When the free radicals attack, they destroy your skin cells, cause rampant inflammation, dryness, dull looking skin, and rapid aging. Something that you’ll surely want to do you best to avoid at all costs.

I’ve got a few other dark purple foods that you can consume for good measure. Try to incorporate red cabbage, red onions, or prunes into your daily diet. These can all successfully fight acne so in the event that you feel a breakout coming on, then go ahead and try to fight it by downing some dark purple yum yum.


Another one of the best foods for your skin are none other than the tomato. It’s a food that has a ton of antioxidants. These are really easy to find and you’ll be able to add them to almost any dish with very little effort. Tomatoes contain something called lycopene and it’s an antioxidant that packs a ton of power. Lycopene helps protect your skin from sun damage and can even improve the smoothness and clarity of your skin.

What should you eat? Well, you should eat some cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes. I typically prefer to eat the cherry tomatoes in my salads. In the event that you want to incorporate some cooked tomatoes, by all means, go for it! In fact, doing so might be better than just adding it to a salad.

Apple A Day

Consuming apples is a great idea because they don’t contain a lot of sugar. This means that you are able to keep your hormones imbalance versus eating a ton of sugar packed foods that can cause inflammation. ApplesĀ have a ton of vitamin C which helps you strengthen your collagen and maybe even promote collagen production. The fruit has a very high water content which helps keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

The best thing to do is to eat an apple very first thing in the early am to start your day. It not only helps with digestion and skin but also sets you up for success in the long term from a mindset perspective.


I’ve been preaching the beauty of consuming salmon for quite some time now. The reasons fish are so great is that they contain a lot of Omega 3’s and those are known to help with a number of different things. From a skin care perspective, if you have acne, then you’ll want to chow down on this to help reduce any inflammation in the acne affected areas. Another thing that salmon can do is it helps keep your skin well hydrated. Last but not least, it’s been known to be a stress reducer which can really do wonders for your skin. As you know, stress is something that can make you overweight, out of shape and so much more. My favorite way to consume this is to eat a salmon salad with tomatoes.


Next on the list is turmeric. It is a spice that many people either love or hate. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the presence of saggy skin, puffy bags, wrinkles, acne and more. The best way to incorporate this would be to add it to your salad or maybe a meat dish. Some like to add it to soups, but I’m not a huge fan personally.


While some people tend to advise against eating eggs, I like to promote consumption of these tasty treats. There are so many nutrients in these that it’s unbelievable. The best part, they are easy to cook and eat. Eggs contain vitamin B. If you have brittle nails or excessively dry skin, then you might be lacking in B vitamins. They also contain vitamin A and zinc which have been proven to help heal acne. Last but not least, eggs have lots of protein and amino acids. Basically, they are skin power in a tiny round edible capsule. Simply boil up some eggs, peel them when you’re ready to eat them and boom, you’re good to go!

Protein (In General)

Look, if you want to improve your skin, then you need to eat foods that contain protein. Consuming foods high in protein can help prevent your muscles from breaking down and your skin becoming weak. Rule of thumb is to include a source of protein in each meal that you consume.

Other Foods

There are plenty of other foods that you should be consuming if you want great looking skin. I specifically recommend that you try to consume lentils, lots of greens, almonds, and coconut oil! This is just a small handful of items that you should be eating on a daily basis. If you’re curious about a food that you think might be good for you, don’t hesitate to ask us about it! We want to know about the best foods for skin just as much as you do and we’re willing to add some to our list.

Best Foods For Skin
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