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If you have ever looked in the mirror and seen dark under eye circles, bags, puffiness, or discoloration, your not alone.  Many people look for the best eye cream to solve these issues.  They say that the “eyes are the window to our soul,” and that statement couldn’t be more true.  How many times have you shown up for work looking like you didn’t sleep all night?  What about the time you just couldn’t reduce those bags, no matter which home remedy you tried?  There are many reasons we show signs of aging around our eyes and on our face, and many are out of our control unless we start to apply the best eye creams that money can buy.  We’re talking about time-tested, packed with nutrients, proven eye creams.  Below you’ll find our lists of the best eye creams for dark circles, bags, and wrinkles, along with many comments from our editorial team.

Which Eye Cream is the Top Seller in 2018?

There are literally 1,000’s of eye creams that claim to be the best one on the market.  It doesn’t take a genius to look through the ingredients and figure out the percentage of actives and try to figure out which ones use the clinically tested cosmeceutical ingredients we look for, but it is a very long process if you start to look at as many eye creams as we have.  Recently, the trends have gone to serum based products featuring higher active amounts of cosmeceutical peptide ingredients proven to work, and places like and other peer review websites are showing that consumers can’t get their  hands on these anti aging eye creams fast enough.  In fact, the best eye cream products often go out of stock due to the high demand.

What 5 Things Do The Best Eye Creams Do in Particular?

There are a few signs of aging that under eye creams and serums all aim to treat. As you read eye cream reviews, note that we feel all anti aging eye products should adress the following:

  1. Eye Wrinkles and “Crow’s Feet.”
  2. Dark Under Eye Circles and Discoloration.
  3. Puffiness or “Puffy Eyes.”
  4. Eye Bags or “Baggy Eyes.”
  5. Overall complexion and skin rejuvenation.

If your eye cream claims to work on all of those areas of rejuvenation, you are in a good place.  Additionally, we like to see that our eye creams have some of the top anti aging ingredients that keep up with the latest emerging science of 2016.

Argireline.  We cover this ingredient on this page.  It’s often referred to as the best needle free alternative to Botox.  (There is a reason the page about this extraordinary anti wrinkle ingredient is one of our most viewed pages.  Dr. Oz himself praised this ingredient on his show.)  If your eye treatment has this ingredient, you have addressed #1.

Haloxyl.  This ingredient is discussed here.  Science shows it to be one of the top ingredients at reducing the pigment in the blood around the eyes, which in turn reduces discoloration.  With this ingredient in your under eye cream or serum, you can cross off #2 on the above list.

Eyeliss.  This ingredient is a great one to reduce and treat puffiness around the eyes as well as under eye bags.  In fact, studies show that when it’s used in the right concentration, it can reduce their appearance by 70%!  If you find an eye rejuvenation product with this powerful ingredient, go ahead and cross off #3 and #4.

Read more of our “best of” pages where we award the best product in each category.

#1: Medical Grade Skin Care Hemp Under Eye Cream

If you haven’t embraced using skin care products with cannabis, which is about as organic and natural as you can get, you need to get with the times!

There is no hotter trend in the skin care industry right now, and there is perhaps no brand than Medical Grade Skin Care, which launched in late 2017 with a focus on the highest quality skin products using only top of the line ingredients.

Embracing hemp and CBD, this eye cream for dark circles, wrinkles, and overall rejuvenation absorbs very well and doesn’t “cake up” – meaning you won’t be sweating if you find yourself in a humid climate once you leave the house!

You can get this online here – – – > Top Hemp Under Eye Cream.

#2:  Elite Serum Rx

If you haven’t read about this product, visit this page.

This product is a perennial best seller on, and we feel it’s the top formulated eye product, hands down.

Elite Serum Rx
This version is sold in select spa’s, on, and

Open up the impressive packaging, and you’ll find a highly potent, targeted serum for your eyes.  Formulated and developed in the USA.  It’s also a “staff pick” and a great gift given it’s amazing presentation.

—> Buy on Amazon <—

As the only under eye cream that has all of the ingredients necessary to really attack the signs of aging around the eyes, it’s no wonder it’s the hands down winner.

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  1. Which eye cream do I use along with DE shaba serum?
    I’m 25, suffering from dark circles and slight lines under the eyes and I almost Have racoon sunk in effect eyes 🙁
    Please help suggest a regime!!

    • Hi Ayesha,

      As far as a dark circle cream intended for people your age, check out the Miami Nights Dark Circle Cream. It’s geared for people your age and PACKED with Haloxyl.

  2. Hey everyone, we’ve updated the rankings recently to reflect some top selling eye creams in 2018. Please leave your comments along with any questions you may have about under eye products and anything else on your mind!