Best Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage today and as far as I’m concerned, they’re here to stay. Natural beauty botanicals are something that has been around for centuries. They’ve made it into just about every single DIY remedy or solution that you can think of. If you are one that’s chosen to shun them in the past, then I’m going help you change your mind today.

The list below consists of a rundown of the best essential oils to consider incorporating into your skin care routine. I’m going to leave this as an opened ended list. As data becomes released on various essential oils, I’m going to be researching and analyzing the data to either make a decision to include it within the “best of” list or disregard it entirely. Now, let me get to the list.

best essential oils

List Of The Best Essential Oils For Your Skin

Before I dive into each of these essential oils, I want you to understand that none of them require a significant financial commitment. In fact, you can get your hands on these essential oils for as low as $10 if you shop around enough. Each of the oils packs its own punch and does what it needs to do.

They don’t all have a single individual purpose. In fact, many of them have multiple purposes that you’ll soon be made aware of. They’re affordable and effective, so check the list out and take things from there. In fact, you could literally start with any single one of these essential oils and it would be a vast improvement from doing nothing. Here’s what we’ve got to say about a few of them…

Lavender Oil

I know we’ve covered this essential oil before but it’s earned a spot on the best essential oils top list. It is literally impossible to deny just how awesome this lavender oil really is and what it can do for your skin.

The proper terminology for this is oil Lavandula angustifolia and it has some great properties and benefits that you can take full advantage of. In this essential oil, you’ll find camphor, eucalyptol, Linalool, as well as linalyl acetate. If you think that sounds like a serious concoction, then you’re absolutely right because it most certainly is. Lavender oil can help boost your immune system.

It also acts as an antioxidant and antibacterial. If inflammation is your issue then this oil can help with that as well. Did I mention the antiviral properties? The oil is typically safe for all to use. However, before diving in head first and applying the oil everywhere you need to know the proper way to use it. You’ll want to apply six simple drops of lavender oil to a single tablespoon of the carrier oil of choice and apply that to a small area of your skin. Assuming your skin doesn’t react negatively, then you’re in the clear. At which point, you can go 50/50 with lavender oil and carrier oil. Read more on this oil right here.

Sweet Orange Oil

Not many people know about sweet orange oil. It’s somewhat of a “sleeper” in the essential oil world. Some people claim that the smell alone is enough to reduce certain cravings for sweets. There have also been claims that this helps reduce anxiety levels if inhaled. Some consumers even apply this to their skin in order to better control their breathing and heart rate.

The best way to work this essential oil into your routine is to simply add the oil to a product that you intend on washing off. The reason I say this is due to it being known to make your skin photosensitive. Pick up some sweet orange oil today and give it a try!

Tea Tree Oil

This is another famous essential oil that’s out there on the market. In fact, I think it might be the most popular of them all. The formal name of this oil is melaleuca oil and most people think it’s awesome. This oil is made from tea trees which are produced in Australia.

Tea tree oil makes the list due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antiviral qualities that it exerts. Back in the day, Australians would use the tea tree leaves to treat things such as colds, wounds, sore throats, and even skin issues. It works wonders in the mouth too, killing bacteria that can cause gingivitis. Many people use this oil to help control their dandruff, fight off viruses and more.

If you’re planning on consuming tea tree oil orally, then I must insist that you do your research carefully before ingesting it.

Lemon Oil

Another citrus winner in the pack is the lemon essential oil. This can be found in hundreds if not thousands of products sold in the local grocery store today. Think of everything that has that zesty lemon smell. All those hand soaps, facial cleansers, flavored waters, and everything else that has that lemon essence to it. Lemon oil is considered to be a powerful oil that possesses antiseptic properties, astringent properties, and antibacterial properties.

If you’re curious how you can work this into your daily routine, many people use it on their skin. They also use it as a vapor. As far as your skin is concerned, you’ll be able to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles if applied in a high enough concentration. Some people use this as a vapor in order to boost their mood. It’s most likely due to the fact that it can help increase your norepinephrine levels, which is the anti-stress hormone.

Frankincense Oil

Assuming that you’re having aging problems just like 99% of the global population, you’ll want to consider adding frankincense to your routine. If cell regeneration seems to be a core issue of yours then this might be for you. The oil is known for being able to improve elasticity, tighten and tone as well as help balance your pigmentation out.

Geranium Oil

This is an essential oil that’s very versatile. It helps better balance the production of oil and controls the condition of your skin. People with all types of skin can incorporate this into their daily regimen. The most common way in which this is incorporated is through adding it to moisturizers before applying it to your skin. This will help slow the production of oil down just enough to naturally improve your skin complexion.

Basil Oil

We couldn’t leave basil oil off the list! This is fantastic if you’re battling insect bites. Even better, if you’ve got sensitive skin, then it can help “calm things down” to a certain degree. Most people tend to use this by mixing it with a carrier oil and putting it directly on the insect bite. Basil oil can also help relax your muscles if you’re tense and worked out too hard. If any muscle soreness exists, give this a shot.

Best Essential Oils
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