Best Beard Competition Kicking Off In Vancouver This Week!


Since it’s Memorial Day and most people are enjoying cookouts, cold drinks, and cabana life, I’ll keep today fun and light. Monday’s are typically set for crazy skin care facts and serious talk, but I’m switching it up a bit today. No, it’s not because I’ve been drinking and crushing cheeseburgers at cookouts all day. In fact, I behaved myself all weekend and even worked out today. My philosophy is simple…a little cardio never killed anyone. Well, it has I think, but you get the point.

Anyway, I digress…

Back to the topic at hand which is all about beards and competitiveness. Folks up in Vancouver are on a mission this week. Men of all ages are strutting their stuff, showcasing their facial hair hoping to get crowned over the next week.

best Beard Competition
Instagram @incredibeard

The best beard contest, run by the Vancouver Facial Hair Club, takes place in just a few days. Whether you’ve taken the time to grow a contest-worthy beard or you just like the look and style of beards, then I suggest you take some time to attend the contest taking place on June 3rd. The event will be taking place at the Lamplighter Public House located in Gastown.

There are quite a few categories that will be judged during the contest. They’ve covered just about every beard category known to man. For example, you’ll be able to see who gets crowned in the business beard, styled mustache, freestyle beard, and even the fake beard category.

As for the judging, there’s one guy that’s on the panel who knows a thing or two about beards. He’s known as the Incredibeard on Instagram and his beards are something else.
The event is all for a good cause and proceeds are to be donated to charity.

My suggestion would be to check it out if you’re in the local area!

For those that have crazy beards, we’d love to see them. Share them by tagging us in your Facebook and Instagram posts. We’ll be awarding the “best beard” within the next 24 hours with a prize to be revealed!

If you’re interested in joining what I refer to as the “beard club” then you need to know about beards and how to treat them. My first suggestion would be to read this article on beard oils. You can then take things a step further and ensure that your beard stays clean as can be while growing it out. These handy dandy beard wipes by Beard Paw¬†might help prevent you from looking like a slob.

Best Beard Competition Kicking Off In Vancouver This Week!
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