Ben Nye Banana Powder

Do you spend time scrolling through Youtube, Hulu or Vimeo looking for skin and beauty product reviews? If so, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen someone talk about Ben Nye Banana Powder once or twice. You may have heard a few beauty website and mommy bloggers mention this product. For those of you that don’t know what Banana Powder is, it’s a type of makeup. In fact, it’s so darn popular that most makeup tutorials showcased on the Internet feature this product during the tutorial process.

The product became one of the most popular products as soon as Kim Kardashian disclosed her use of the product. She can be seen using the product and performing her highlighting and contour work while applying her makeup. I guess it doesn’t much matter what made it so popular, the fact is that Ben Nye Banana Powder is a top choice for many beauty experts and makeup artists. Women who want to look their best choose this powder. It helps them keep their skin and face looking absolutely beautiful. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the product itself.
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Product Information About Ben Nye Banana Powder

For those unfamiliar with the product, the Banana Powder is just one product that is within the Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder Collection. What many women have said is that the product is like none other. It’s the finest that they’ve used and is so micro that most brands cannot compete with the quality of this product.

The powder helps consumers better tint their skin, making it really shine nicely. These powders come in a wide variety of shades and tones. In this particular case, Ben Nye Banana Powder has a bright yellow tint and appearance that those unfamiliar with like to turn their heads against. Those willing to give it a shot soon realize the power that this product really has. Some women have mentioned that the luxury powder is one of the only ones that does a superb job at reducing the common white cast that most other powders can leave.

Product Uses

The Ben Nye Banana Powder is a product that does a few wonderful things based on various application techniques. Granted, I’m not a makeup expert (and I shouldn’t be) but I’ve done enough product research to know that this can solve quite a few problems for women. For starters, the powder is commonly used to provide a translucent setting and also to help prevent concealer from creasing on women’s face.

In addition to that, the Ben Nye Banana powder is also used to help fix any color issues such as extra red skin or dark skin that can exist most notably under the eyes. The powder is used by most makeup artist experts to help them create the perfect highlight for many clients, even super models on the runway.

Let me talk about the product ingredients and the specific formula. I’m sure you’re thinking that it’s something extra special given how popular and well-known it truly is. Well, it’s actually quite simple. The formula is not complex at all in terms of beauty products. There are far more complex that exist today. In fact, it contains literally less than a dozen ingredients (excluding pigments) and it’s been formulated to absorb remaining oil on the skin better than any powder on the market today.

Where To Buy It

Products such as Ben Nye Banana Powder are uber popular today. There are millions of women each year that literally scour local beauty stores searching for the product. Stores like Sephora, Ulta, and other major department stores get asked all the time if they carry this product.

Unfortunately for those women, they aren’t going to come across the powders anytime soon. It’s far easier to purchase any of the Ben Nye products online than it is to find it at a local retail store. The majesty stores don’t even carry this brand. Most go to the company website to purchase any products part of the Bella Luxury product line.

Some companies have gone as far to try and replicate the Ben Nye Banana Powder in an attempt to make a product substitute more readily available locally. I can safely say that there isn’t really much of a substitute that can hold its weight here. None of the competitors are even a close match for Ben Nye Banana Powder.

Product Reviews Online

It should come as no surprise that many of the product reviews posted about the Ben Nye Banana Powder are nothing but glowing. After all, the powder is a multi-use product that can improve the texture, appearance, make pores look smaller, and basically make someone look like a million bucks.

Some fans of the product say that once applied, upon contact it literally melts into their skin like none other on the market today. No matter what your skin tone may be, this product is a solid choice for you to look into. Are there complaints about the product? Of course there are complaints.

There are always complaints about all products. Even great ones have haters that like to comment on things. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and really dive into the reviews posted online to form your own opinion on the product. All I can say is that most people have good things to say about this product. If you’re looking for a makeup product to help hide any skin blemishes, then this might be just the thing.

Ben Nye Banana Powder
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