I recently came across a product online called Bellaplex.The company likes to refer to this product as the fountain of youth. Is it a great skin product? Honestly, if you want to find out then you’ll have to read this review. I’ll give you an overview of the product and tell you everything I learned about it. For starters, Bellaplex is what’s known as an anti aging cream that’s supposedly effective at reducing the presence of wrinkles on your skin.

The product claims to stimulate the collagen, tighten the skin, reduce lines, and more. The company behind the product claims that this is a super effective cream for those looking to fight wrinkles and that it’s a great alternative to getting Botox treatment.

It has some really promising ingredients such as Matrixyl and the infamous Argireline. These ingredients have been incorporated in so many skin care products it’s insane. You’ll also notice that this product contains an ingredient known as hyaluronic acid. Does it really lead to positive results in just a few short weeks? Keep reading to find out if it’s got what it takes to whip your skin into shape.

bellaplex bottleDoes Bellaplex Really Work?

By now you likely know that Bellaplex is a skin care cream that costs roughly $70 to purchase. The product is made by a company known as Hydroxatone Labs, who make a ton of other products such as Hydrolyze and Luminique. We haven’t reviewed all of the other products as of yet due to the amount of time and energy that it takes to review each and every one of them. Eventually, we’ll get to them.

As previously mentioned, the Bellaplex cream contains three main active ingredients that are well-known for helping perfect your skin. Those of which are the Matrxyl 3000, hyaluronic acid, and Argireline. All of these ingredients are definitely considered to be amazing for your skin and perfect if your objective is to slow the aging process.

Apparently, this product does incorporate the use of enough of the active ingredients to make a difference. More often than not, the products have only added a small amount of each ingredient just to be able to add them to the ingredients list. However, that’s not enough to make a significant impact on your skin though. Bellaplex seems to have enough of the active ingredients and perhaps more than the recommended amount. One thing I should mention is that the ingredients in this product are abundant but they’re similar to others that are far less costly.

Does It Yield Results?

Honestly, whenever you decide to use any products, your results will vary significantly. Each person has different skin and the results from product use vary widely. What’s important to understand is that the ingredients can and will work for some. They can apparently work well if you’re looking to reduce the number of lines, get rid of wrinkles, and even out the tone of your skin.

Is it an instant or immediate solution? I can’t say whether it is or isn’t. What I can say is that it might work for you and the only way to find out is to try it.

Third Party Reviews

There are plenty of reviews on products out there and there’s definitely no shortage of them when it comes to Bellaplex.

Based on my research, for the most part, it seems like many people are very happy with the results that they’ve received from using this product. However, not everyone was super impressed with the pricing structure. I’m referring to the Bellaplex Free Trial offer. Many consumers had no idea that their credit card would get hit with a charge days¬†after entering the details online. There’s very fine print that states they will charge your card at some point in time if you don’t cancel the trial offer. Most of the free trials are complete scams, just saying!

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What’s Supposedly Good About It

Based on the information that I’ve gathered about this product, the Bellaplex does have some strengths. To name a few, the product…

Supposedly is completely natural and does not contain any chemicals. It’s supposed to be safe and tested by dermatologists. Product use does not require the use of any injections or anything of that nature. It’s completely non-invasive and is considered to be a safe alternative to traditional Botox treatment.

The Cons

Some of the cons associated with this anti wrinkle cream are listed below. What you need to realize is that no matter what product or treatment you’re getting, there are always going to be cons that you need to worry about. If I were to leave these out, then I wouldn’t be doing my part in providing a thorough investigation.

First of all, it’s been said that this some of the ingredients may cause irritation for those that have sensitive skin. If you’re looking for size variations, you’re not going to find it here as it only comes in one size. Additionally, it can only be ordered via the Internet and isn’t available locally online. The application process isn’t very clear based on my reviews.


I’m not a big fan of any products that offer a free trial because I know what’s in store and what they’ve got up their sleeves. Unfortunately, there are many skin care companies out there that make it damn near impossible to try and cancel your free trial. Instead, they bang your credit card all day long without giving you anyway to cancel. I’m not saying that Bellaplex does this, but many do and that’s why I’m skeptical of the free trials. My suggestion would be to head to the dermatologist and pick up a product that they recommend versus signing up for a free trial of any skin product.

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