Bella Thorne Free of Makeup and Skin Insecurities


Bella Thorne is the Disney star known for her roles in the hit show Shake It Up! and she recently reported having to literally cake on makeup every day that she worked. Unfortunately, applying the makeup daily was nothing but bad for her skin. Although it made her look great on screen, it was quite possibly causing an uphill battle with her facial acne.

Bella Thorne Acne
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Bella Thorne Loses The Makeup

Bella had recently admitted that her acne played a significant role in diminishing her confidence. According to an article published on, Bella Thorne claims that it got to that point that she “used to cry every night” because she thought she looked ugly. All the comments individuals made about her face and skin took a toll on her and the lack of people’s approval apparently hurt.
Bella Thorne made a comment on one of her Instagram posts yesterday that got me thinking. She stated something in reference to her acne. Saying that, “It’s something you can’t control” and that there’s misconception of those with bad acne where “lots of people think others with acne ‘don’t take care of themselves’. That is false.” I’d like to first say that I do understand what Bella is going through.
I think we all do since we were all teenagers at one point or another. Life at the age of 18 isn’t easy, we all know that. The thing is, that it’s gets so much harder as we get older and proper skin care is only one of the many important aspects that we have to consider. The good news is that you don’t have to completely ban yourself from skin care product use in its entirety. There are plenty of products that are very good for your skin and they do work. You just need to search for something that works for you. Bella Thorne found out that caking on makeup daily wasn’t for her, so she stopped. Maybe she’ll find a skin care line that will assist in her journey to acne free skin as well. Either way, she’s made a great choice as well as great progress thus far. Nice job Bella!
Bella Thorne Free of Makeup and Skin Insecurities
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