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We’ve reported on so many skin care brands that I’m not sure I even know the exact number. Over the years we’ve come across quite a few herbal skin care lines. These types of brands along with organic and all-natural have been all the rage lately. There are many consumers out there wondering whether or not the Belif brand is a good solution for those suffering from skin issues. Is it reputable? What about safety?

The company does a stellar job of selling itself through strong sales a n marketing tactics, but is it the truth or just a bunch of nonsense? Belief skincare claims to be a completely honest brand that’s doing nothing other than attempting to help consumers improve their skin.

However, you’ll want to evaluate the brand from top to bottom before buying into their statements. You’ll want to learn everything you can about the company, even down to the details of the ingredients and the potential side effects that you might have to deal with. Even the most natural skin products can cause issues. Believe it or not, some of the side effects may be very serious. For this reason alone, we always suggest that you connect with a dermatologist and get their opinion before you begin to regularly use the product.

belif cosmetics reviewBelif Cosmetics Skincare Ingredients Breakdown

This company definitely sets itself apart from the rest in terms of their product packaging and labeling. Most skin care brands simply slap a label on the product, list out all the ingredients on the label and call it a day. Well, this brand has decided to showcase the ingredients through the use of a chart, making it more visually pleasing I guess. Does it make the products more effective? Absolutely not, but smart packaging none the less. This technique is unique and definitely sets them apart from the rest in this regard.

Now for the important aspect, the ingredients. When dealing with an herbal skin care brand, you’ll likely come across ingredients that might work well while some may be horrible. The good news is that some herbal skin companies due extensive research and testing of the ingredients. Does the Belif company do this? Honestly, I haven’t got a clue, which is why I suggest you do your own testing and investigating!

I’ll do my best to cover some of the products and ingredients within those I’m about to mention below.

Creamy Moisturizer – The Belif deep moist creamy moisturizer is meant to be used by those suffering from extra dry skin. The moisturizer incorporates the use of an ingredient known as molokhia. This ingredient is said to help repair skin that’s been damaged and it does this through the use of antioxidants. Apparently it also contains lots of minerals that help further hydrate your skin. If you’re not the market for a product that moisturizers your skin for less than $40, and one that’s herbal then you might fancy this one.

Cleansing Oil – This specific product is a cleansing oil that’s meant to help those also fighting dry skin. This product also doubles as a makeup remover and is said to be good for those looking to unclog their pores. In the event that you have blackheads, then this might be the product for you. It’s even suggested by the product manufacturer that you apply this to areas where blackheads exists. As far as ingredients are concerned, you’ll find yarrrow, which heals skin, soapberry extract, which helps reduce irritation and repair skin. The price is about $35 for this cleansing oil.

Firming Eye Cream – Like many other skin care companies, the eye cream is one of best sellers and most widely used of all products manufactured. The Belif Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream is said to treat the delicate area around your eyes. Given that this skin is very thin, it’s important that you treat it right. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean you’ve got to protect it by keeping your under eye region well-moisturized.

You’ll find ingredients such as cupuacu seed butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and macadamia nut oil. All of these ingredients do different things like create a moisture barrier, lock it in and help improve the overall under eye area in general. This’ll cost you a cool $45 but it might be worth it if you’re looking to kick your under eyes into gear.

De-Wrinkle Cream – The Belif brand also has an anti wrinkle cream that promises to reduce any damage you might have had to deal with over the years. In terms of ingredients, you’ll find things such as bilberry extract and yarrow extract in the product. These two ingredients are incorporated due to the sheer amount of antioxidants and healing powers that they contain. The product will cost you about $45.

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One final product I want to mention event though I’m not going to give a full rundown of it right now.. While I haven’t tried it, I do recommend that you give the Belif Aqua Bomb a try if you have the chance to do so. Based on the some of the reviews and the popularity of the product, it seems to be a real winner for the brand. The Aqua Bomb apparently contains something known as Lady’s Mantle which is supposed to be a great herb that hydrates your skin and creates a protective layer on top of your skin. It’s also said to be able to control sebum production and tighten up your pores.

Buying Belif Products

If you’re looking to buy the products on the company website, you simply won’t be able to do so. The Belif company does not sell them on official company site. However, if you live close by a Sephora or Ulta then you might be able to find the products on the shelves in-store. They are available online via unauthorized retailers but I would not advise purchasing from any site like that. You never really know what you’re getting when you do that.

How The Products Work

The Belif products all work through the use of herbal ingredient incorporation. Through incorporating herbal ingredients they are able to help consumers address specific conditions. Apparently through inspiration of herbalist, Duncan Napier, the brand was started. They incorporate herbs that have a medical purpose and typically omit those that are used purely for fragrance and other reasons.

Third-Party Reviews

Most of the reviews out there documenting Belif product use and ingredient overviews are all relatively positive. Some people have reported issues with using products, but that’s not uncommon given that it’s a skin care brand. So many products out there are used by consumers that don’t test the formulas properly. When that happens, if often results in skin issues. If you’ve got really bad skin or serious skin conditions, my advice is to not use these products and instead reach out to your dermatologist for further suggestions.

Belif Cosmetics
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