Bel Essence Launches Cruelty Free Skin Care Products Line


Bel Essence is a collection of natural skin care products that aims to make a difference. Although it is based on just a simple idea of giving skin the nutrition that it needs to heal, it really is about combining ingredients just as nature intended in order to give the full benefits to the skin. That is, the skin needs nutrition to heal and rejuvenate along with regeneration. The importance of good skin nutrition can not be under estimated. Healthy skin always benefits from good nutrition. Things like the sun, pollution, the weather and smoking can all damage and dull otherwise healthy skin. Additionally the use of harsh soaps and cleansers can have a detrimental effect on the skin like using chemical treatments and make-up. Look at these foods that promote healthy skin.

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Bel Essence Produces Natural Skin Care Products

Bel Essence utilizes natural and organic oils that are said to be rich sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Also, omega 3’s and fatty acids are also important parts of healthy and youthful skin for people of any age. Bel Essence uses natural oils such as grape seed and argan. Also it uses fruits like avocado. Hemp, castor oil, sesame and coconut oil are also used in its products. And don’t forget shea butter which is known for its natural skin health benefits. All these ingredients are essential in the treatment and nourishment of the skin especially when looking for a long term improvement. The Bel Essence products have been recently rebranded. They have also been specially formulated for oily skin. Especially skin that is prone to acne breakouts.

Bel Essence skin care products have been certified as animal cruelty free. This was done by the Leaping Bunny organization. Which is the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. There is an upcoming event that includes a Cruelty Free Christmas. During this event a portion of all sales will be donated to animal rescue groups that are working to end the practice of testing cosmetics on animals which results in animal cruelty. The company also is a sponsor of the Moda 360 art, fashion and film event that will be taking place next April. This event will be held at The New Mart in Los Angeles, located downtown. It features lots of International players in art like designers and film makers. There will be live events and exhibits.

Bel Essence Launches Cruelty Free Skin Care Products Line
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