Finally, A Beer Product That Leads To Better Skin, Beer Soap!


It’s Friday and you’re likely sitting in your cubicle dreaming about the frothy cold beer you are planning on consuming tonight. Am I right? Well, you could have enjoyed some beer in the shower kick your day off! Just use this new beer soap that just hit the market.

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Beer Soap Is Here To Keep You Clean

Beer before breakfast sounds like typical college guys dream. I’m not talking about drinking it. You should spend time doing the lather, rinse and repeat dancing with it instead.

Local Grand Rapids columnist Jesse O’Brien was the first to introduce me to this skin care product. Turns out a local creator and manufacturer of skin care products in Grand Rapids, MI has started to brew a new type of soap. You guessed it! The soap is beer based!

The company behind this new product is called Serene Body Essentials and the product is called Filthy Scoundrel Beer Soap. The soap isn’t made with any Busch light or Budweiser. It’s made with a beer called Dirty Bastard. This beer is brewed by the Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI. Beer fanatics can pick up the Filthy Scoundrel Beer Soap for as little as $6.00. It’s a perfect treat for any beer lover.

The Founders Brewing Co. seems to be quite popular in the local area and the city of Grand Rapids is often referred to as “Beer City.” Is that a coincidence? We think not!

While we typically aren’t advocates for consuming too many drinks due to the effect it has on your skin, we’re going to give this a big thumbs up. Beer lovers of all kinds will take a liking to this ingeniousness. That being said, why not cheers yourself in the shower with some Dirty Bastard via a bar of soap.

Heck, if you want to reward yourself with an ice cold beer for taking care of your skin then, by all means, go for it. Stop by the Founders Brewing Co. if you’re in the local Grand Rapids area to let them know you like what they’re doing. Just don’t go doing a dozen keg stands to celebrate!

If you are reading this and you own a company that’s also come up with a great collaboration relevant to skin care, send me an email or find me on social media by sending a private message to our official Facebook page or you can find me on Twitter to connect directly. I’m always looking to connect with people creating cool products. In fact, I’m on a mission to find the most interesting and innovative skin care product on the planet. If you think you have it then I want to hear about it!

Finally, A Beer Product That Leads To Better Skin, Beer Soap!
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  1. This isn’t anything new. Brickyard Farms has been making soap from Founders beer for years, including Dirty Bastard. They even sell it in their online store.