Beenigma Bee Venom Cream

I took a close look at the Beenigma cream today. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s an anti aging brand that and the most popular product that they offer is the Bee Venom Anti Aging Cream. Assuming that you prefer taking the natural route, then you may find peace of mind knowing that this is natural. However, before you get so excited that you cannot see straight I want you to understand something. Not all skin care products are created equally. In fact, some promise the world and they don’t deliver at all.

Beenigma Review

Some creams claim to be extremely unique, yet they are far from it. There are many products on the market which claim to incorporate this bee venom extract within the products. They also claim that it’s literally a miracle worker, but most of those are pretty much false promises. If you’re planning on buying any skin care products at all, then you need to do your research before doing so. Due diligence is not suggested today, it’s actually required! Beenigma may not be the miracle product that you think it is. Although it contains ingredients which are said to be pretty trendy and effective, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you and your specific skin condition.

Oh, but it gets much worse. Some people actually end up with issues such as allergic reactions due to simply trying this product. Whatever you do, make sure you do your research when it comes to Beenigma and read the reviews all over the web. I’d personally take things one step further and reach out to a licensed professional before even applying this to your skin.

More Details About Beenigma Cream

Full disclosure: This review of the Beenigma brand and cream is a personal report based on findings that I discovered, nothing more. Please keep that in mind when reading and do your own research before making any skin care product purchases.

First off, I’ll start by saying that the folks who founded Beenigma claim that the anti aging cream does two main things for your skin. The first thing that it does is it plays a role in stimulating collagen and encourages increased blood flow delivery to the skin. It’s the bee venom that helps with that. The second thing that this does is it helps fix any damaged skin through enhanced nourishment. It does this via the amino acids and other ingredients that it contains.

I’d also like to mention that the creators make claims that this bee venom has antibacterial properties and that it can help your skin heal quickly as well as prevent the development of acne.

The Ingredients

The Beenigma anti aging cream contains ingredients and they claim that all of them are all natural. Just to give you an example, it contains bee venom, manuka honey, almond oil, vitamins, shea butter, and more.

Were any animals harmed while making this product? Honestly, I haven’t got a clue, but the manufacturers insist that the bees are not harmed at all during the venom extraction. Apparently, the bees are shocked via an electric current (one they claim is harmless). Seems a bit invasive to me but what on earth do I know about extracting bee venom from bees!

Side Effects To Consider

If you’re seriously interested in this product, then you need to know any associated side effects that have been reported over the years. Listen up, if you’re allergic to bees and getting stung by one, then you need to avoid this product! It’s a serious problem and issue if you ask me. You should not discount the fact that natural and botanical ingredients are used. They too can cause allergic reactions in many people. If you’ve had any health issues in the past due to use of skin and beauty products then I advise you to stay away from this product. At a minimum, be sure to get yourself tested before applying the product to your skin.

Where To Purchase Beenigma

Assuming you’ve actually liked what you’ve heard and you’ve done more research on the product, then you need to know where to buy the product. You have a couple of options today if so. For starters, you can head on over to the company website and purchase the cream right there. You can also find it online at and other online retail stores.

If you’re looking for some sort of deal, then you’ll need to buy in bulk. I believe they offer free shipping to those that purchase four jars of anti aging cream or more. If you buy three jars they’ll give you a discount of $20 per jar.

I guess they work in some strange checkout special offers discounting the buys for up to $50 off even. Seems like an awfully large discount to me. when I personally see discounts like this, I think to myself, I’m really getting screwed on this product. There’s no way it’s worth the full price they are asking for it. Reviews

I took the time to dive into the product page and most importantly the reviews associated with them. Some of the things that people had to say about this product are pretty bad.¬†One person posted that mold was growing in the product only one month after purchasing it. I mean, if I’m buying a product that costs $100+ I’d be pretty pissed off. To top things off, that’s not the only person that complained about the mold issue. This is a really serious issue and one that the company needs to address asap.

Someone even posted that the mold started growing within a week of opening it. That tells me that the formula is not stable at all and certainly one that I cannot suggest purchasing. As far as ratings are concerned, this product has a 3.1 out of 5.0 and that’s terrible if you ask me. More than 90 people reviewed this on Amazon and most of the reviews were obviously negative. What’s that tell you…


Here’s a video showcasing some information on the product…

My advice would be to stay away from the Beenigma brand and any products that they offer. I’ve decided to rate this as being an awful buy. Save your money, please.

If you’re looking for an exotic product, go with the snake venom versus the bee venom!

Beenigma Bee Venom Cream
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