Beard Guys Choose Flowers To Prepare Their Faces For Spring


Us guys never get to have any fun. It’s always work, gym, shave, rinse and repeat. Well, some guys have opted to celebrate the coming of spring by showcasing their well-groomed beards and perfectly conditioned skin with the use of a few flowers. If you’re a beard guy, then why don’t you join the rest of the crew and wear some cool flowers for hump day tomorrow. Don’t worry, your work won’t care. The weeks almost over anyway!

flower beards
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Beards + Flowers = Springtime!

This is trending harder than grumpy cat on all social media platforms. If you have a beard and you haven’t stuck any flowers in it then I’m sorry to break the news to you…you might get kicked out of the beardsman club if you don’t take some action and post! Send in your pics and for gosh sakes, please make sure you’re taking care of your skin under those flower beards i.e. use the right products on them to stay fresh AF!

Well Done. Spring Is Near.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” -Christopher Reeve

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“You Better Beard Ready”

Little brothers are for art. #flowerbeard #florals #hipstervibes

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Beard Oil Companies Partake Too

Beard Be Gone!

@martinolive is an awfully good sport. #flowerbeard #dsfloral

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A Little Too Springy.

my cousin is legitimately beautiful, admire him #flowerbeard #tumblrready

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Yup, She Went For It!

Beard Guys Choose Flowers To Prepare Their Faces For Spring
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