Barbara Chuppuis Launches Bee Naturals With Beehive Ingredients


Bees are popular these days in skin care. So it is no surprise that somebody would launch a beehive based skin care line. Barbara Chappuis of St. Louis launched Bee Naturals. It is a line of skin  and body care products which incorporate natural ingredients – from the hive. Being a seasoned veteran in the skin care industry she freely admits that having to explain terms like “natural” is difficult. Her products aren’t completely natural.

Chappuis cites U.S. Food and Drug Administration sources which say “natural” isn’t a regulated term. She claims to be “predominantly natural-based” using only the best of pure ingredients and what nature has to offer. Chappuis says that her products are pure enough to eat but does not recommend doing so.

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Bee Naturals Oil Free Moisturizer

Beehive Ingredients in Skin Care Products

Bee Naturals was started in 1992 with a single product but she was making soap way back in the 1980s. This was a business based out of her basement where she packaged products by hand and gave them away to people. She was a nurse at the same time so was always washing her hands. Conventional soap was killing her skin so she started experimenting with a solid skin cream that she felt could be more protective.

Her soaps are not water based. So for that reason they aren’t water soluble. Which means that you don’t end up washing off the protection every time you wash your hands. The result is having essentially an invisible layer of protection on your hands always. This is how she got started in the skin care business. The inspiration to launch Bee Naturals.

Chappuis later found the beehive. Utilizing honey, beeswax and propolis, she made an entire line of beehive based skin care products. She doesn’t use bee polin but she does have a product with royal jelly. Which is something the worker bees feed to the queen bee. It is full of amino acids but is a very fragile ingredient. Honey is her constant source of innovation and is in a lot of skin cleansers.

She is specializing in distribution of Bee Naturals products to spas, estheticians, massage therapists and makeup artists. Chappuis opened her own day spa complete with a special zen room. She called this a natural progression because of all the orders she was taking from spas. An interesting vertical integration as she has the staff already trained in applying the products. Now customers can get treatments done professionally and experiment.

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Barbara Chuppuis Launches Bee Naturals With Beehive Ingredients
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