Balm Selected For 2017 Academy Awards Swag Suite Showcasing


On February 26th, Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2017 Academy Awards show. As you know, with an award show like this comes a lot of free stuff. That’s right, I’m talking about those fun “swag bags” that get passed out to all the celebs.

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Balm Skincare Chosen For The 2017 Academy Awards

There is one company that will be cashing in on the swag exposure for sure this year. The skin care company, Balm Skincare, is going to be one of many skin care products to be showcased at the swag suite.

Balm didn’t approach anyone about this either. According to an article, the event organizer known as Celebrity Connected had reached out to them about it.

The so-called swag suite or gift suite will showcase about 50 brands with roughly 200 people attending.

Interacting with these celebrities and their managers is a dream come true for most brand owners. In fact, any brand owner would be delighted to get the exposure that many of the lucky chosen ones are going to get.

Balm Skincare is a direct-to-consumer product line that was started by two individuals who also run Botavi Labs.

Apparently, they’ve recently decided to expand into the skin care niche due to the competition within the natural supplements space. Their primary focus has been to sell B2B in an attempt to push their supplement line but as previously stated, they’ve taken a different approach with Balm Skincare.

Her interest in natural supplements and organic products brings up an interesting yet unfortunate story. Lindsey Moeller’s mother had been diagnosed with mesothelioma, which she had gotten due to exposure to asbestos. Given that the natural supplements helped her mother within the last months of her life, she looked at them in a whole new light.

As for the Balm products, they’ve been tested and they stand by the ingredients and formulas. As of now, the product line consists of seven products which are as follows:

  • Raw Honey Cleanser
  • Raw Honey Cleanser with Charcoal
  • Buffing Grains
  • Buffing Grains with Seaweed
  • Toning Water
  • Face Cream
  • Face Cream with Rose Tea

You can find out more about the product by visiting their company site. Products are available for purchase there as well.

Congrats again to Lindsey and the rest of the team at Balm Skincare! Best of luck during the Academy Awards event this year! Feel free to check them out on Instagram as well!

If anyone knows of any other skin care companies or brands being showcased within the gift suite, we’d love to connect with them. Please do send over any insight or information that you might have. Who knows, maybe we’ll send you free skin products in return for your efforts.

Balm Selected For 2017 Academy Awards Swag Suite Showcasing
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