Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Eye creams are tricky to create. Most of them are no good or just straight up replicas of other products. They aren’t all bad. In fact, some are pretty darn good. Whenever I come across an eye cream I dive right in to learn everything I can. That’s exactly what I did here with the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. Although the Amazon ratings were just above average and the number of reviews was low, I decided to jump right in and check them out. Here’s what I learned about the brand and more specifically, the eye cream product.

balance me wonder eye cream

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream Review

Over time, many people have given up on using many cosmetic and beauty products because of their artificial ingredients. Well, as you may know, that’s not always necessary with the options that exist today. In fact, two sisters went and created a company that brings balanced, natural, green skincare products to consumers which deliver results, just as promised.

Yes, I’m referring to the company mentioned above! That’s how Balance Me came to be. Among the many products that this brand has to offer, there’s the Wonder Eye Cream, which will be the main product I cover in this review. Of course, per usual I’ll be going over the company/brand in general as well, to give you a good idea as to what this whole operation is all about.

The Company

The sisters Clare and Rebecca Hopkins sat at their kitchen table and discussed the necessity for a green cosmetics company, and they founded Balance Me soon after. This company has been basically offering natural skin care alternative products which are made with a lot of botanical extracts for some time now. Guess what, they are all made in the UK too.

The company is dedicated to keeping innovation as a focal point within their corporate and product development strategy. They are constantly looking for new ingredients that can improve the quality of their products and help with many common skincare issues. Balance Me has implemented an honest policy about having nothing but transparency and openness when speaking about the ingredients. Heck, they even list the natural percentage of the product on the packaging. Trust me, this is something that almost no skin care company does today – NONE.

The products work on bringing balance and well-being to your skin. They produce a trifold effect so to speak: skin benefits, mood-boosting, and aroma. What’s not to love here folks?

Detail On The Wonder Eye Cream

The dry skin around the eyes is the main reason people develop crow’s feet and fine lines. The skin around the eyes is usually overlooked in the daily beauty routine, and it can get very dry and damaged. This is where the Wonder Eye Cream comes into play. It’s a bestseller by Balance Me among all their other products. It’s a skin-boosting cream that delivers much-needed hydration to the thin skin, specifically around the eyes.

Using The Product

The Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream can be used as a day and night cream. You’ll notice how well it hydrates your skin, calming the sensitive areas and reducing irritation that may be present. You will also notice that it helps reduce the puffiness around the eyes, refresh and get rid of that “tired look” and last but not least, it helps brighten the dark shadows around the eyes.

The proper daytime use of the Wonder Eye Cream is by applying it to the thin skin around the eyes after whatever serum and moisturizer you’re using have been applied, and before the application of the daily SPF.

At night, the Wonder Eye Cream should be applied after the night cream, before the oil. It needs to be applied by gingerly tapping a light layer on the skin around the eye and on the eyebrow. To avoid damaging the thin, delicate skin, always apply it with clean fingers and light tapping.


The Wonder Eye Cream contains a lot of plant extracts which are actually really beneficial to those with sensitive and delicate skin.

  • Glycerin is one of the most powerful hydrating agents found in many cosmetics products. The glycerin used in the Wonder Eye Cream is derived from plant It’s a powerful and effective humectant e.g. water-attracting agent. It moisturizes the skin by attracting moisture from the air drawing it into the top layer of the skin.
  • Witch Hazel Water is another active ingredient in the Wonder Eye Cream. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent – meaning it has a toning effect, tightening the pores and smoothing the texture of the skin. This extract also helps remove dirt, cleaning the pores and fighting the harmful bacteria that can cause irritations.
  • Coconut oil is another widely spread ingredient in the skin and beauty industry. You’ll hear us rant and rave about this product/ingredient quite a bit because it’s awesome. Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent that also has moisturizing properties. It has an amazing smell and due to the smaller size of the molecules, it can penetrate deeper into the skin than most ingredients. Side note, this is a great ingredient for dieting too by the way!
  • Other plant ingredients include cucumber seed oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, as well as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, arctic cloudberry, chamomile extract, lavender oil, rose geranium flower oil, carrot seed oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary extract, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, tocopherol and benzoin resin extract.

The eye cream is made with 99% natural ingredients and is completely free of silicones, propylene glycol, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, petroleum, artificial colorants, and fragrances.

Purchasing The Product

This product can be purchased via the website as well as Amazon. The official Balance Me site has this product listed it at about 20 GBP, and on Amazon, you can find it for about $40.


When researching online, I found positive reviews related to the Balance Me products. The Wonder Eye Cream has a clear 4 out of 5-star review rating at the time of writing this review. The reviews are mainly positive and satisfied users report that this product has really helped them quite a bit. Some have stated that it’s helped them brighten their skin, and has visibly reduced the puffiness and wrinkles around their eyes.

However, some consumers have mentioned concerns, stating that the ingredients may cause irritation if used in excess. But considering the positive reviews, I think it’s safe to say that for most people, this will likely be a winner.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
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