Baking Soda Face Mask Exfoliator

So many people write to us whether or not it is safe to use a baking soda face mask exfoliator on your skin. They want to know if the substance itself is bad for your skin and if any side effects exist in using it.

Well, today is the day that we’ve decided to answer all your baking soda skin care questions. If you want to find out if this household product is good for your skin, then keep reading.
baking soda face mask exfoliator

Is A Baking Soda Face Mask Good For Your Skin?

Let me make this as simple as possible. Your best bet is to stop putting baking soda on your face from this point forward. Let me repeat that to make sure you understand completely. Do not use a baking soda face mask. I know that it is perhaps the most well sought after homemade DIY exfoliators but it’s not good for your skin. It is not effective and it may be doing more harm than good. Here’s why…

The Science Behind It

I’m not going to turn into a chemist here. After all, my name isn’t Walter White. What I will tell you is that the pH of a baking soda face mask mixture is no good for your skin. It’s all because of the pH of the baking soda and water. It typically results in a pH of 8.

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Why does pH matter so much? It matters because your skin has its own pH levels that need to be maintained in order to remain healthy. Your skin is naturally acidic with about a 5 pH level. Anything that is above 7 on the pH scale is considered to be alkaline.

What happens here is that the skin gets confused due to the change in pH. Introducing an alkaline cleanser can really destroy your skin.The kicker is that the more you use it and the longer you do so, the more damage you do to it.

Basically, what you’re doing is exfoliating your skin which is disruptive to your external skin anyways. Now add in the increased alkaline and you are literally doing a huge injustice to it. In fact, anything that is either too alkaline or acidic is bad for your skin. THat’s typically why using lemon on your skin is a really bad idea. It’s just too low of a pH level and throws everything off.

Professional Help

Look, if you’re the type of person that prefers to get answers from a doctor, then I suggest you contact one. In fact, I want you to ask your local dermatologist whether or not applying a baking soda and water mask to you face is healthy.

If any dermatologists advise that you do so, I want you to let me know their name and number so I can contact them. I can almost guarantee that no good local derm is going to instruct you to make your own baking soda face mask. In fact, they may laugh and call you crazy. Or they may just shake their head in disgust and disbelief.

The Solution

There is a simple solution. Forget about using baking soda to exfoliate your face or skin in general. Instead, start to incorporate a professional product that has been formulated to clean your skin and not ruin your pH level. Too many people think that DIY tricks and remedies are the best way to go. Unfortunately, they aren’t always the winner.

An alternative to the baking soda would be incorporating some other less harsh exfoliator. For example, you could incorporate the use of papaya enzymes during your exfoliating process. These enzymes will be far less damaging and with much better fragrance. There are literally thousands of papaya enzyme gels for sale on Amazon. Just do a few basic searches and you’ll find just what you’re looking for. I’d stress to find something as natural as possible too if you can.

Another alternative would be to simply do a search on the site for some other skin care products that are related to face masks or exfoliating. There are plenty of good products that we have reviewed on the site. You’d be crazy not to at least take a gander at our review section. I’m sure you’ll find some solution in that section that will meet your needs.

If you want some added exfoliating benefit, I suggest you pick up a dermatologist tested and approved facial exfoliator. This is a smooth sponge-like product that will come in different strength levels. You can use it to wash your body and it’s relatively cheap too.

Keep the baking soda in the kitchen and use it to cook and clean!

Baking Soda Face Mask Exfoliator
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