Bad Skin Habits

There are things you may or may not be doing on a daily basis that are literally destroying your skin. My guess is that every single one of us can relate to at least one thing on this list. Bad habits are tough to break and without a doubt, there are things that you need to consider if you want to be your best or look your best for that matter.

Today, the crew took the time to dive into more than a dozen factors that might come into play. Take the time to read this post, understand each of the things laid out here and take some action to either do or stop doing things that habitually put your skin in a worse condition than it’s ever been before. Pay close attention to this article, especially if you’re fighting the adult acne fight.

Bad Skin Habits

12 Bad Habits Destroying Your Skin Everyday

Look, we’ve all got bad habits, but some have far worse habits than others. This list is full of all the bad habits that millions of Americans cannot break. They go out of their way to do some of these things even. I mean, sure, bad habits are definitely hard to crack at times, but not always. Some simply require just putting forth a little bit of effort, that’s all.

At any rate, here are the habits that you need to break.

Not Drinking Coffee – Some people shy away from drinking coffee because they think it’s bad for you. Honestly, too much of anything isn’t good, but a little bit of coffee is actually good for you. It’s the antioxidants that it packs and the fighting off of free radicals that you want to take advantage of. If you don’t then you’re only hurting yourself. Heck, you might burn a little fat while you’re at it! In fact, try a coffee scrub mask out!

Popping Premature Pimples – Lots of people love to pop pimples, so much that there are websites and YouTube channels like Dr. Pimple Popper dedicated to this. If you’re popping a premature pimple, chances are you’re doing it in the most unsanitary fashion too. Doing this can cause scarring and other issues. So please, I beg of you to not pop your pimples.

Hot Showers – I love a nice hot shower, but I never take one. They totally strip your skin of all the natural oils, which ends up drying it out. If you’re going to take a shower, then I recommend taking a cool or warm shower. You don’t want to destroy your skin while trying to cleanse it.

Skipping Washing Your Face – Sure, you get drunk while hanging with friends in college and you skip out on washing your face. My advice to you is to not do that. People that skip out on washing their face end up with pores that get clogged and filled with dirt, skin cells and more. If you’re working out, then it’s extra important that you wash your face.

Consuming Fat-Free Milk – If you’re going to drink milk, just opt for the good stuff. Fat-free milk is said to contain whey as well as casein, which are both added to fat-free milk in greater amounts. The additional amount can lead to insulin level boosts and inflammation. Guess what, that means it’s no good for your skin.

Drinking Diet Soda – You really shouldn’t be drinking anything aside from the typical water and the occasional coffee. If by chance you find yourself drinking a lot of soda, even if diet, my chance is that your skin will reflect that. The diet soda is especially bad due to the artificial sweeteners which can cause acne and rosacea. It has everything to do with the insulin levels associated with consuming this.

Eating Processed Foods – I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this one but consuming processed foods is horrible for you. There’s nothing good that can come from processed foods. I’m a firm believer of garbage in, garbage out and that’s what you’re typically dealing with her when eating this type of food. Expect to develop a leaky gut, acne, inflammation and more. Put the problems to an end and pick up a natural food instead. Not to mention if you eat natural you’ll probably lose weight.

Smoking Cigarettes – Cigarettes are the absolute worst. You’re literally filling your lungs with toxins and feeding it everything that it does not need. Smoking increases oxidative stress levels, causing weakened immune systems, aging, and quite frankly what I refer to as “leather skin.” It’s a disgusting habit, so stop doing it.

Not Wearing Sunscreen Or Sunglasses – Not wearing sunscreen is a killer. Seriously, it’s literally a bad habit that could kill you. Not only can you eventually look old and unhealthy with skin wrinkles, but you can also end up developing skin cancer along the way. There is nothing funny about this and it’s quite serious for that matter. Your habitual tanning bed stops at Planet Fitness are killing you, so stop.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol – I’ve preached about this one for years. Drinking alcohol is a bad habit that will lead to bad skin and will not help with anything. Literally, nothing good can come from consuming alcohol yet we do it every day to try and make ourselves feel good. (Read this article.)

Taking Antibiotics – The main reason we’ve got this listed as a bad habit is due to what happens when you consume them regularly. If you’re using antibiotics on a daily basis and overusing them, then chances are you’ve got no good bacteria left in your body. Guess what that means? Bugs, inflammation, and other things start to develop and your skin pays the price for it.

Not Sleeping Enough – The final bad habit is staying up all night and not getting a good night sleep. I can’t stress how important sleep is for your body and skin. I remember my step-mother telling me that people who sleep less die first. That’s because your body needs time to recover and bounce back. Well, so does your skin.

If you have any of these bad habits, then I’m strongly suggesting that you attempt to break them immediately. If not, you will look older and perhaps unhealthier. Either that or you’ll just have bad skin forever.

Bad Skin Habits
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