Bad Skin Care Habits You Might Be Guilty Of


We are all guilty from time to time. There’s no doubt about that. This is true even when it comes to our skin care habits. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of having bad habits when it comes to my skin. No, not always but sometimes! That said, I do try to avoid being guilty of the following things listed below whenever possible.

bad skin care habits

Avoid These Bad Skin Care Habits

Tanning Without Sunscreen
We’re all guilty of this from time to time. If you tell me you’ve never gone tanning without sunscreen then I know you’re lying. It’s almost impossible to not be guilty of doing such as thing. The good news is that consistency is what really matters most and so long as you’re consistently practicing good skin protection then you’re ahead of the game. Tanning without using any sunscreen is pretty bad for your skin. If you’re planning on spending time out in the sun then you need a good sunscreen that contains SPF. There are plenty of brands out there for you to choose from. I’d suggest avoiding those on the cheaper side and going with an SPF of 40 or higher.

Moisturizing Your Face Only
Throw the book at me because I’m guilty for this as well! I can’t tell you how many times I only applied moisturizer to my face and so ignorantly neglected my neck, hands, and other areas that are typically exposed. The good news is that I’ve since made the proper adjustments and no longer do I only moisturize my face. There are plenty of wonderful moisturizers that work well in all areas. We’ve reviewed quite a few of them under our product reviews section of the site.

Mistreating Breakouts
If you’ve every popped a zit that shouldn’t have been popped then you’re guilty of mistreating a breakout. Don’t prematurely pop that zit anymore. Instead, you need to be focusing on what products to incorporate into your routine that can help further prevent them from appearing.

Over Cleansing
I saved this one for last but it’s certainly not uncommon. Some folks are guilty of cleansing too much. This can really take a toll on your skin and dry things out. If you’re guilty of this, then you need get back on track right away.

If any of these bad habits sound too familiar to you then I suggest you take the time to correct them or you will be sorry in the long run.

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Bad Skin Care Habits You Might Be Guilty Of
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