Bad Norwegian Raises $175,000 On Invesdor


Another men’s skin care brand has raised money using crowd funding. This one is called Bad Norwegian and the packaging loudly claims NOT FOR WOMEN. Founded in 2011 by Marius Kristiansen, Bad Norwegian received investments from Norway, Finland, Italy and Sweden. These investments came from 45 different investors. The $175,000 raised will be used for expansion in to new markets.

Bad Norwegian

Originally the campaign only aimed to raise $50,000, so this is a very successful initiative. I like the packaging. It is very unique and edgy with a dark humor element. The company offers a few signature products with short and sweet descriptive names. The company’s focus is on paraben free and all natural products with no alcohol, aluminum, color, nineral oil, silicone or any hormones. The signature products are:

Revitalize Face – An intensive moisturizing cream designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is billed as fast absorbing and not greasy with no color or smell.

Facial Cream – This is a fast absorbing cream that is meant to keep the skin strong and revitalized. Again with no smell or color. Important for men’s products. Fragrance-free.

Wash Face – What else could this be other than a deep cleansing daily facial scrub? I think I would try a product so simply called “Wash Face”, just for the name.

Roll Doe – This is a menthol infused deodorant that is fast absorbing. I’m always curious to see how a deodorant will do in the specialty market. Sort of a low price point product with loads of competition from the Proctor & Gamble’s and Unilever’s of the world.

Bad Norwegian Skin Care

Invesdor was happy with the success of the equity raise. Peter Moore is equity director for Norway. He said that “it was a pleasure working with Bad Noregian” and noted that he is very pleased with the result. It is nice to see a crowd funding success story for skin care. They are few and far between.

Will Bad Norwegian be successful? If you read my articles you know that I’m very negative on niche markets like men’s skin care. But I think this one might be different. It raised money on crowd funding, which is rare. And its branding is very unique and cool. If I saw Bad Norwegian products in the store, I’d probably buy at least one of them and I’m not even Norwegian. It seems hip enough that it could work.

Bad Norwegian Men

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Bad Norwegian Raises $175,000 On Invesdor
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