Bad Habits That Surprisingly Age You Quicker (Your Skin At Least)


It’s Monday and time to get back on the grind. Not just in the office, but in the bathroom as well. I’m talking about waking up from that relaxed sesh and funfest you had this weekend, most likely putting your skin second to partying and being lazy AF about your skin care.

Bad Habits Age Skin

If you keep that up, eventually you’ll wake up on a Monday surprised that you’re looking older than ever before. There are things that contribute to the development of old-looking skin. Rather than waking up one day and not liking what’s you see in the mirror, I suggest taking action to break bad habits that are causing these issues to arise. Believe it or not, changing your daily habits can take months even years off of your face. Start by breaking the habits that I’ve listed below…

But first, I have a question. Do you want this to happen to your skin?

bad skin habits age you

Of course not! So keep reading! 

Six Bad Habits That You Must Break For Youthful Looking Skin

These six habits are bad for your skin and you should refrain from doing them. Simple as that really and it’s all on you to take action daily to NOT do something if you want to look younger.

They are not hard nor are they expensive.

Honestly, they just take a little bit of action and dedication, nothing more. Trust me, once you break the habit it’ll be normal not to have it in your daily routine. Here’s the list of habits…

Stop Eating Dessert

This one might seem like a soul crusher but it’s bound to keep your mind, body, and skin in far better condition. You must stop eating dessert at the end of your meals. See, what typically happens is that sugar molecules attach to protein fibers which exist within each cell. this is a specific process which causes something called glycation to occur. In the long run, this will cause wrinkles, fine lines and more.

Not to mention, you might actually have six-pack abs that people can see this summer. Trust me, people like abdominals.

Stop Staying Up Late

Do you work yourself to death or party your face off 45% of the week? If so, then my guess is that one day (in the near future) you’ll take a look in the mirror and realize that you’ve totally destroyed your skin due to a lack of sleep.

Not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night hurts everyone. Do yourself a solid and sleep a full 6-8 hours each night. Doing so will help save your skin and body. Your brain will be fresh and sharper as well. Trust me on this one. I used to sacrifice sleep for fun. Thankfully I fixed things pretty quickly.

Stop Touching Yourself

Please people, stop touching yourself. No, not in a creepy way! Get your mind out of the gutter. What I’m referring to is constantly touching your face every single day. It’s literally causing oil, dirt, and grime to build up in your pores.

Think about all the gross things that you touch every day and then touch your face. Everything in public, your keyboard, door knobs, dirty hands, they are all gross and best to be avoided. Not touching your skin especially the skin on your face is an absolute win without a doubt. I’d also like to mention that touching your skin can lead to collagen breakdown and elasticity breakdown.

Stop Sleeping On Cotton

Break the habit of sleeping on a cotton pillow. It’s the cotton within the pillowcases that cause circulation problems. As a result, wrinkles eventually form on your skin. It’s best to purchase a satin pillowcase and do your best not to smother your face nightly while snoozing. In other words, sleep on your back for a better complexion.

Stop Wearing Makeup

Makeup is the absolute worst for your skin. It clogs pores and essentially makes a mess of your face. If you’re the type that has a bad habit of wearing makeup to the gym, then cut that crap out right this minute. It’s literally making your age every single time you do that. Please, don’t do anything like that at all!

I think the best approach is to set an alarm or reminder to remove your makeup before working out and if possible, avoid wearing it all together. You’ll find that your skin will appreciate it that much more if you do so.

Stop Staring At The Computer

Sitting at the computer 12 hours a day sounds wicked productive but it’s awful for your skin. People today have a bad habit of constantly being on some sort of a device. When you use computers, iPads, and smartphones, you often squirt and wrinkle your forehead while doing so. Most of the time you don’t even realize that you’re doing this, but trust me you are and it’s an awful habit. Take some time to step away from the computer every 20-30 minutes to give your skin a break.

Well, those are the bad habits you should be addressing or trying to kick today! Let me know how things go as the week progresses!

Bad Habits That Surprisingly Age You Quicker (Your Skin At Least)
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