Have you ever in your lifetime suffered from bad acne breakouts? If so, then you’re not alone when it comes to this type of thing. Suffering from acne is something that many of us have dealt with over the years, especially as teenagers. The good news is that there might be a treatment or two that you can think about doing. One of those acne treatments you might wish to try s the Azelex cream.

For those unfamiliar with the acne cream mentioned above, it’s a cream that’s been used to treat many different types of acne. Those that use it claim it decreases the number of breakouts that people get over a long period of time.

However, even if you’re not the type to read reviews, you’ve got to do so even when it comes to Azelex. The reason I say this is that any and all prescription medications need to be taken seriously, even just a simple acne medication cream.

azelex creamThere’s one simple way to see if this acne cream is the best thing you can do for your skin. You’ll want to speak with a dermatologist in your local area that knows your skin. Doing so will allow them to assess the current condition of your skin and make a decision as to whether or not this is the right treatment option for you. Yes, the prior treatment history is relevant, so you’ll want to take that into consideration and the specialist will do so.

While this medication may work it doesn’t mean that it’s the end all be all in terms of clearing up acne. You’ll still want to address things and get a strict daily skin routine down.

How Does Azelex Work Exactly?

This is supposedly a pretty strong acne med cream. It is supposed to kick acne in a number of ways. The Azelex manufacturer makes claims that this acne cream contains antimicrobial properties. These antimicrobial properties help limit the number of breakouts.

This medication is said to take things one single step further. What it does is better regulate your skin to prevent clogging of pores. Individuals with acne may tend to have skin cell build up with oils clogging pores. This cream is supposed to unclog your pores and create a much harsher environment for bacteria, meaning it cannot survive. The shedding of skin needs to be regulated in order to prevent the clogging and ultimately prevent acne breakouts.

Where To Buy It

If you think you can buy Azelex at your local grocery store or CVS, then you’ve got another thing coming. This is a highly regulated prescription medication that you must get from your dermatologist.

There’s a good chance that you might come across a third-party vendors and shady websites that are selling the acne cream. My suggestion is to never buy from them! Do not do it because there’s a strong chance that it’s completely fake or ineffective.

Did you know that ingredients in the Azelex can at times cause your acne to get worse? It’s true, which is why you need to speak with a dermatologist or skin doctor before using the product, so don’t skirt around the system.

The Ingredients

Some people haven’t got a clue what the main ingredient is in this cream. For those curious, it’s azalea acid. This is a very potent chemical that helps assist with the keratinization process and regulating your overall skin condition. There are other ingredients within this acne cream. You’ll find glycerin, glyceryl stearate, and propylene glycol in the cream. They all do something different for your skin. One moisturizes your skin, one conditions it, and one lubricates the skin. All work to improve the condition of your skin.

Using The Azelex Acne Cream

Thinking about using the cream? If so, then you need to know how to properly do so. You’ll want to apply the cream twice a day to your skin that’s clean and dry. It’s important that you first cleanse the skin on your face with a quality cleanser in order to remove any buildup and dirt that’s been caked on the surface of your skin. Not removing this will make it more difficult for the cream to penetrate your skin. Once ready, gently massage the acne cream into your skin. Immediately wash your hands once applied.

The Reviews Online

There are lots of reviews on this product online. There’s a good chance that you’ll come across a complaint or two along the way. The most common one is the itching sensation that this cream causes. Lots of patients actually complain quite a bit about this.

There are a few reasons why this happens but most importantly, here’s why people complain about this. The face is extremely delicate and its quite common that when applying a strong medication to a delicate area it can aggravate the area. This can actually lead to further damage at times.

If you’re looking to avoid the potential complication, you can think about incorporating a moisturizer injunction with this medication. It will likely reduce the itching sensation and help better treat your skin. Dermatologists know all about this, just ask them.

Side Effects

Are there side effects to using this medication? Of course there are because it’s a prescription like many others. Most people have issues such as skin flaking, excessive drying and more. It’s important that you not use this if you’re pregnant or nursing too. Follow the directions if you want to avoid potential side effects.

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