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I’ve been adventuring outside of my comfort zone the past few weeks. I’m talking in regards to everything. Workouts, work in general, dieting, and even skin care product use. That seemed to have led me down a rabbit hole which eventually led me to a company called Avoir Derma.

If there is one thing that you can count on when it comes to skin care stuff, I dive in and don’t quit until you’ve got the full picture of things. The same goes for my evaluation of this skin care company and brand.

You’ve likely got one thing on your mind and don’t really care about anything else. You want to know whether or not it actually works.

I get it, I really do. BUT…you’v got to dive into these products to learn all about them before actually making a buying decision. That’s the only way to go, regardless of whether they work or not.

avoir derma creamMy Review Of Avoir Derma Cream

Here are the exact steps I took in order to determine if this site actually works. The first thing that I did was head on over to Google to perform a search for the product. I typed in “Avoir Derma cream review” and got a laundry list of results.

Oddly enough, none of the results were of the company website. I took things a step further to research the site by typing in avoirderma.com and it led me to some awfully tacky marketing promo site. At any rate, the results were sub-par at best. But I’m not going to let that deter from giving this the full review that it deserves.

Now, based on what I came across, I learned that Avoir Derma is an anti aging cream that promises to deliver in the anti aging department. They make claims that the product can help improve the condition of mature people’s skin.

Does It Really Work?

Honestly, I’m going to go ahead and call it now – nope. In my very humble opinion, this product likely does not work and I’m going to tell you exactly why right now. I wasn’t able to verify anything directly from the company or manufacturer of the site. Literally nothing at all. That’s always tough considering that we rely on them to provide details on various products. I was not able to find a single credible source to support or back this cream.

However, based on some claims about the product which have been made, this is what they say it can do for your skin.

– The Avoir Derma cream can enhance the elasticity and improve the firmness of your skin.
– It can boost the antioxidant levels of your skin.
– The product can help improve your natural barrier.
– It helps lighten your skin as well as smooth things out.
– This Avoir Derma cream can prevent further damage from occurring and reduce the aging marks that might be present.

Now, full disclosure, I’m not claiming that it will do any of this stuff. That’s simply what I found during my researching process.


Are you still with me even though you’ve likely not been happy with what you’ve heard? If so, then keep reading because I’m going to be covering the ingredients below.

The first ingredient that this product contains is called acmella flower extract and it’s supposedly said to help promote firmness and boost elasticity as well.

The next ingredient is called black currant seed extract and I guess this ingredient is loaded with antioxidants which help protect your skin from free radicals and cell damage. It’s also supposed to help with skin cell regeneration to some extent.

The product is said to also contain Retinol, which is actually an ingredient that we’ve covered widely – right here. This can help speed the skin cell turnover process up a bit and boost collagen production. If you’re dealing with pigmentation issues, then this might be an ingredient you use.

The final main ingredient highlighted is something called phytoceramides which can help rebuild your skin and protect your body better. It helps you maintain moisture better too and even fights off damage caused by external environmental issues.

Now, that all said, I’m not 100% sure that this product can actually do all that. What I can say is that the ingredients are well received by many skin care readers even if this product isn’t effective. if very well could be the amount of each ingredient and it being so low.

Here’s How To Use Avoir Derma Cream

Based on research I’ve done, it seems like the product is to be applied twice daily for best results. However, most people choose to use it only at night versus during the day due to the Retinol that it contains. Since the Retinol is sensitive to sunlight, the product may not even be effective if applied during the day when exposed to the sun.

Benefits Of Buying This

The product comes with a free trial offer which is at no cost to the consumer. There is a money back guarantee with this purchase as well. However, some feel that this might be a skin care scam due to the free trials alone.

Why I Would Not Use This

There are many reasons why I simply would not waste my time using this product. The first reason is that the manufacturer and brand do┬ánot have a website. There’s literally no site for the product. I mean, it’s 2018, who the heck launches a company without a website?

Another reason I’d completely avoid this product is because it hasn’t made the list of ingredients available to consumers. I want to know what on earth I’m ingesting and this makes that impossible.

I also would not use this product for the simple fact that all of the people promoting the product are simply affiliates and nothing more. They are marketing the product for money and the reviews are insanely unreliable.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Avoir Derma Cream

You’ll want to completely avoid using this skin cream if possible. With all the transparency out there today, there’s no reason for you to get involved with using a product that doesn’t disclose the basics or care enough to have a company website in place. My advice would be to head on over to Amazon and look for brands over there. You’ll find legit reviews and good products should you decide to do so. All you have to do is – click here.

Avoir Derma
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